Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Aiming to Provide a Comfortable Lifestyle Supported by Health and Beauty

Experiencing beauty and the feeling of excitement and gratification beauty produces, has a positive impact on the human body and mind, resulting in a healthy condition. This is why we adhere to the words, "health and beauty".
In our opinion, contributions to a comfortable life can be achieved by creating valuable and attractive products or services that appeal to the consumers' sense of beauty, and by acquiring as many customers as possible. We aim, above all, to maximize consumer satisfaction.

Our Values

We believe that a company will continue to grow and be respected in the society if it can successfully balance of the satisfaction of its consumers, employees and other stakeholders, while at the same time, embodying its corporate philosophy.

Creating Lifestyle Value With Consumers, For Consumers

The words "beauty", "health", "cleanliness" and "fun" summarize our business. We will do our best to listen to our consumers' needs and wants and turn them into attractive products and services, and to bring those "values" to as many consumers as possible.

Active Employee Participation

The corporate name "Mandom", deriving from "Human" and "Freedom", represents the respect for human dignity and a liberal atmosphere. At the core of the Mandom Group is an environment where employees can freely demonstrate their creativity through open and lively discussions. The continuous growth of both the individuals and the entire organization will enhance our value.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We will try to establish mutual communication with our stakeholders in order to build and sustain favorable relationships with them. We aim to respond quickly to their demands on our economic and social responsibilities. We will also be "a good corporate citizen" and dedicate ourselves to society's development.

Our Principles

The following principles are the standards of our daily operations. When conducting our operations, we always keep in mind that the society is developing day-by-day. To catch up with the latest trends, we are determined to exercise ingenuity by thinking and working simultaneously, and this resolution is represented by our coined word "KohDoh", which literally means, "thinking and working". Daily efforts of "KohDoh" are the key to the realization of the "Only One" company.

  1. "KohDoh" for Value Maximization

    We herald a formula "Function divided by Cost gives Value (of products and services)" and try to create the framework for maximizing the value itself and the number of consumers benefiting from it.

  2. "KohDoh" for Self-actualization

    A company should provide the platform for self-actualization as well as for the performance of one's duty. Our working environment is ideal for everyone to demonstrate his/her own ability, which will encourage successful self-actualization of each employee and eventually lead to the realization of our corporate mission.

  3. "KohDoh" for Profitability Enhancement

    Since profitability is a critical matter for a company bearing economic responsibility, we try to implement methods for efficient management and increased profits.

  4. "KohDoh" for Good Ethics

    Our management philosophy values honesty to the society, as such, we comply with laws, regulations and social norms. We always think and work ethically, having a clear sense of duty to the society.

  5. "KohDoh" for Successful Business Partnerships

    We share our mission "OYAKUDACHI for consumers" with our partners, and establish partnerships that promote long-term mutual prosperity.

  6. "KohDoh" for Environmental Preservation

    Taking a serious approach to environmental issues is one of the essentials for a thriving company. We devote ourselves to preservation of global environment.

  7. "KohDoh" for Philanthropy

    We value philanthropic activities, which make long-term contributions to the development of our society.