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M4M4 "Skin Care"


  • Direct sensor patch

    M4 Direct sensor patchNew

    Needle-shaped beauty ingredients of the patch reach deep into the skin's horny layer and continue to penetrate all night long. It helps to moisturize and firm your skin while sleeping. [limited online sale]

    Contents : 2 pieces

  • Moist Up Booster Lotion

    M4 Moist Up Booster Lotion

    Lotion that conditions the skin so beauty (moisturizing) ingredients reach and spread down to the dead skin cells by softening and hydrating skin that tends to get stiff and hard [Mail order only]

    Contents : 120mlparaben free

  • Sensoractive Serum

    M4 Sensoractive Serum

    Beauty serum that conditions the skin, protecting it from stress* and making it clear, while adding moist, supple resilience that highlights lively expression. [Mail order only] *Stress from dryness caused by texture unbalance and dullness of skin

    Contents : 50gparaben free

  • Spot Glowing Cream

    M4 Spot Glowing Cream

    Cream that conditions the skin into a shiny, light-friendly texture by sealing beauty (moisturizing) ingredients into areas of face that cause worries about sagging (e.g. around eyes, mouth) so that the skin springs back to the touch with gentle resilience. [Mail order only]

    Contents : 30gparaben free

  • Moist Cleansing Liquid

    M4 Moist Cleansing Liquid

    Cleansing liquid that creates clear, fresh-feeling skin while retaining moisture and conditioning skin texture, with the rich, thick liquid penetrating throughout, and gently but cleanly removing sebum buildup and makeup. [Mail order only]

    Contents : 150mlparaben free

  • Smooth Wash Milk

    M4 Smooth Wash Milk

    Milky beauty wash that gently and moistly washes with no lathering. Facial wash that clears away blackheads and conditions the skin to smoothness that makes it easy to apply makeup. [Mail order only]

    Contents : 120gparaben free