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Research & Development

Stance on Research & Development

Mandom's Stance on Research & Development

The Realization of Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) is the Epitome of Innovation

Mandom seeks to create value that benefits people. We don't simply develop and offer products. We use our products to deliver a sense of value to consumers. This realization of Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) to consumers is the basis for our research and development, and is the epitome of what "Innovation" means to Mandom.

In that case, what does "Value" mean to Mandom? The answer is using our products to bring wonder and inspiration to people's everyday lives.

We won't stop at resolving grievances that have already manifested. We will go further by satisfying the latent wants that consumers themselves haven't recognized yet, and provide them with products that surpass the function and usability they imagined or expected. By doing so, we want to make consumers smile and bring joy and excitement to their lives. This perception of "Value" is a product of Mandom's long history of consistently pursuing research and development for over 90 years since the company was first established.

100 Years in Business & What's in Store for the Future

There are three things that Mandom is particularly fastidious about when it comes to creating this kind of "Value" and realizing Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi).

  • Imagining scenarios when products are purchased/used, and employing a consumer's perspective when picturing the sensibility and feelings people have when doing so
  • Striving for a high level of quality that everyone can enjoy
  • Honing technical skills on a daily basis

There are various times and scenarios when consumers feel the value of our products. It can happen when they first become aware of our products, or when they take it from a store shelf and see it in-hand. It can happen when they decide to purchase one of our products, when they actually use it, or even after they use it. Mandom treasures the value consumers feel not only when they use our products, but also the value they feel before and after experiencing what our products have to offer.

In short, Mandom's role is not simply to develop products. We place a lot of effort into improving the reliability of our products such as by considering the ingredients and expressions we use from a consumer's perspective in order to have them think, "I want to buy this" and feel the value of our products even before using them. We also always ensure the security and safety of our products as we strive to improve functionality, usability, and convenience so that we can deliver more value than what consumers expect when they actually experience our products.

Here at Mandom, we aim to offer highly functional products at affordable prices to have as many consumers as possible enjoy our products and experience our company's one and only high level of quality.

Furthermore, in order to keep providing consumers with these kinds of products, we are also committed to conducting basic research with an eye towards the future. In this manner, we are consistently conducting research and development that is focused on delivering high quality to consumers.

As the company approaches its 100th anniversary and the future ahead, Mandom will further evolve its research and development activities to continue creating value that benefits people and makes them smile and happy in every generation.