Latest Earnings (Consolidated / Non-consolidated)

*These quarterly profit and loss statements have been prepared according to quarterly financial statement rules. However, these statements have not been subject to a review regarding legal disclosures.
*Due to rounding to the nearest millions of yen, the values under "Change" may not correspond exactly to figures disclosed elsewhere.

Preliminary Earnings (Consolidated Subsidiaries)
*Disclosed earnings are preliminary figures prior to consolidation and have not been audited.

PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk represents a significant portion of the Company's consolidated and overseas earnings. PT Mandom Indonesia is also a publicly traded entity in its home country, having its financial statements prepared and presented according to local regulations. Because PT Mandom Indonesia has a different fiscal year (December year end) than the Company, quarterly earnings for this entity are released earlier than those of the consolidated whole. In consideration of fairness, the Company has elected to disclose the earnings of PT Mandom Indonesia on the Group's investor relations website at the same time that earnings for this entity are released in the local market.

Please understand that the Company cannot respond to any inquiries regarding segment information, qualitative information, earnings forecasts, or consolidated earnings as related to these preliminary figures. The Company will only respond after consolidations and/or earnings forecasts have been officially released in Japan.
Please see the following for the schedule related to the release of PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk preliminary figures, consolidated earnings, and earnings forecasts.