Returning Profits

We offer dividends and shareholder benefits as our way of returning profits to shareholders. We believe that offering our products as shareholder benefits helps shareholders gain a better understanding of our company.


We believe that returning profits to shareholders is a management priority. Our basic policy is to offer dividends balanced against corporate needs, to invest reserves for long-term growth and starting new business, and to hold reserves against corporate risk. Our specific dividend target is to deliver a consolidated dividend payout ratio (disregarding exceptional factors) of at least 40%.

Forecast Dividend per Share

FYE March 2017   86 yen   (43 yen interim dividend)

Date of Record

Interim: September 30   Year-End: March 31

Dividends/Payout Ratios
FYE March
FYE March
FYE March
FYE March
FYE March
Dividend (Interim/Year-End) 60(30/30) 62(30/32) 70(33/37) 76(37/39) 80(40/40)
Dividend Payout Ratio (%) 42.5 40.2 40.0 40.2 29.3

Shareholder Benefits

Mix of Company products worth ¥5,000 in value, once per year, offered to all shareholders owning 100 shares or more (as of March 31).

Benefit Details

Mix of Company products worth ¥5,000


Shareholders owning 100 shares or more of Company stock as of March 31.


Early June