Status of Board Members

Skill Matrix of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Mandom acknowledges the importance of a composition of personnel with various business experiences and of diversity when it comes to the composition of the Board of Directors and the Audit & Supervisory Board.
From the standpoint of promoting women's contribution, A female external director was appointed in June 2019, and Mami Ito has been an external director since June 2023. At our listed subsidiary in Indonesia, our biggest subsidiary in the overseas business, there are six Japanese directors and two directors who are overseas nationals (including two female directors) of the total eight directors. In addition, five overseas nationals (one of whom is an equity-method affiliate) have already served as representative directors of overseas subsidiaries.
Mandom aims to become a global company, and while we currently do not have any foreign national directors or Audit & Supervisory Board members, we acknowledge this as an important issue in order to promote diversity management. Going forward, we intend to lead innovation by actively promoting diverse human resources, such as overseas nationals and women, to executive and managerial positions and providing them with opportunities to play active roles, thereby realizing new contributions to society and increasing corporate value.

Skill Matrix

(As of June 26, 2023)