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Before using this Web site operated by Mandom Corporation ("Mandom" hereafter), please read the following Site Policy and use the Web site only if you agree with the terms of use set out in the policy. Any person already using this Web site will be assumed to have agreed to all the conditions laid out by the Site Policy. If you object to any of the conditions, please stop using the Web site immediately.

1. Copyright

The copyright of the content of this Web site belongs to Mandom, with the exception of content being used under license obtained by Mandom. Personal use of the content of this Web site is permissible under Japanese Copyright Law. However, users may not go beyond the bounds of the Copyright Law to use, transfer, or copy the Web site's content without permission; nor may they invoke other copyrights.

2. Trademark

The trademarks and service marks appearing on this Web site are owned by Mandom or Mandom's affiliated companies, or are used under proper authority, such as licensing. Users of the Web site may not use these trademarks and service marks without the permission of Mandom.

3. Prohibited Activities

This Web site may not be used for illegal purposes or for purposes prohibited by the terms of this Site Policy. Users may not use this Web site in such a way as to render it unusable; nor may they damage it through excessive loading or other harmful means. The Web site may not be used in such a way as to impair its use by or benefit to a third party. Users may not obtain or try to obtain information or reference materials other than those that are permitted through the Web site; nor may they use means to obtain information other than those provided by the Web site.

Users must not engage in the following kinds of behavior when using this Web site:

  1. behavior that infringes on or may infringe on the property or privacy, etc., of a third party or Mandom;
  2. behavior that causes or may cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or Mandom;
  3. behavior that is or may be offensive to public order and morals;
  4. criminal behavior or behavior that is or may be tied to criminal behavior;
  5. the submission of false statements or notifications, such as registering another person's e-mail address;
  6. sales activities or profit-oriented behavior, or behavior aimed at preparing for the same;
  7. behavior that defames or tarnishes a third party or Mandom;
  8. behavior that uses or introduces or may use or introduce a harmful program, such as a computer virus;
  9. other behavior that violates or may violate laws, regulations, or bylaws; or
  10. other behavior that Mandom judges to be inappropriate.

4. Disclaimer

Mandom has taken extreme care to ensure that the information published on this Web site is the most recent and accurate information available, but does not guarantee the validity or accuracy of the content of this Web site unless specifically indicated.Mandom is not held liable for any problems, loss, or damage arising from any information carried by this Web site or from the use of this Web site. The information contained in this Web site is subject to change without notice, and the operation of the Web site may be temporarily suspended or stopped. We apologize if any inconvenience is caused.

5. Law and Court Jurisdiction

Use of this Web site and this Site Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Users shall agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court of Japan in relation to any dispute arising out of using or accessing the Web site.

6. Regional Regulations

Mandom does not guarantee that the use of this Web site or its content is appropriate in all regions or that the same is permitted by all laws. Users shall be deemed to have accessed this Web site at their own volition and shall bear responsibility with regard to whether or not access complies with the laws and regulations of their regions when accessing this Web site. If users have doubts regarding this point, they are advised to consult a legal professional.

7. Links

Please inform Mandom in advance when setting up links to this Web site. Note that Mandom may refuse links depending on the content of the linked Web site or the method of linking. Examples of unacceptable links include those to profit-oriented Web sites or Web sites that are offensive to public order and morals. Please inform us from here if users intend to set up a link to this Web site. Also, please set links to the top page of this Web site.Mandom provides links to third-party Web sites from this Web site purely for the convenience of users and does not guarantee or approve the content of such Web sites. Consequently, Mandom bears no responsibility for any damage that users incur in relation to the content or use of such third-party Web sites.Users shall be deemed to have accepted this point when using linked third-party Web sites.