Mandom's strengths Providing "Oyakudachi" to the consumers of Asia -Expanding globally with a focus on Asia-

Identifying wants and offering new value to the world

Concept of "Oyakudachi" spreading throughout Asia

The Mandom Group views overseas regions as potential markets, not simply production areas where goods can be produced cheaply then imported to Japan to be sold. We conduct our overseas business by using our products to provide "Oyakudachi" (dedication to service) to local consumers.
Our business expansion overseas started back in 1958 when we formed a technical tie-up with a local company in the Philippines and began operating Tancho Corporation.
Afterwards, Mandom entered into a joint venture in 1969 to establish a subsidiary in Indonesia. Since then we have intensified our effort to expand, and as of today the Mandom Group has 12 companies doing business in 10 countries and regions around the world. The Mandom Group also exports from Indonesia to provide products to over 90 countries including Middle-Eastern and African nations via Dubai (UAE)—the hub of world trade.

Providing style for local consumers through complete localization

The spirit of "spreading quality products at affordable prices" has been alive at Mandom since its establishment. Our business developments overseas target the general public in each region, and in order to meet the needs and wants of general consumers in every country, we promote complete localization without being constrained to Japanese products. Mandom develops its products through the concept of Consumer-led Lifestyle Value Creation. Even if we have not developed a product category in Japan, we will develop a wide variety of product categories if there is demand from local consumers.

The general public's income levels differ depending on each country and region, so Mandom offers its products at affordable prices so consumers can enjoy being stylish without going beyond their means. The company achieves this through various methods such as by sizing its products according to each consumer's purchasing power. Mandom develops its products to meet local needs and interacts with consumers by communicating with them more actively. Thanks to these efforts, more than 80% of people living in developed Asian countries are aware of the Gatsby brand. This is an extremely high figure, and one that Mandom is very proud of.

Entering various regions with improved ease-of-use

Developing a production and supply system which fits consumers

In order to have our products known to as many consumers as possible, we have partnered up with local retailers and built an expansive distribution network so consumers can hold and see our products for themselves.
Our products are particularly being circulated to most regions in Indonesia, an island nation consisting of over 13,000 islands. In this country, our products can be found from modern organized retailers in metropolitan areas to traditional small retailers. Thanks to this distribution network, consumers are now able to purchase our products from nearby stores even if they live in a region with disorganized transportation infrastructure.

Mandom has 4 factories in its 3 manufacturing bases of Japan, Indonesia, and China which produce and supply products to meet the purchasing power, lifestyle, and preferences of its consumers which vary depending on each country and period in time. Our Fukusaki Factory in Japan serves as the Mandom Group's mother factory. It produces high-quality products in response to the latest Japanese trends and diversifying consumer demands, and also provides technological support to the Mandom Group's manufacturing bases. Our factory in Indonesia is positioned as a production center to meet the needs of the growing cosmetics market in Asia, and has manufacturing facilities that can conduct everything from producing plastic containers to commercialization. Our factory in China supplies products to the country's massive domestic market and additionally provides production for the Mandom Group.

Opening up the Indochina area for further growth

Currently, our overseas development efforts are mainly being invested in the Indonesian market, but as a subsequent area for future growth we are also nurturing the Indochina market. We established Mandom Vietnam Company Limited in Vietnam in January 2015, and full-scale development has already begun.
We are also working to create distribution networks and open up markets in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos.