VISION & Middle-Range Planning



Our VISION2027

A cosmetics company possessing unique strengths in specialized areas
(not an "all-rounder")

  1. 1 Authentic proposals

  2. 2 Global and 'Only One'

  3. 3 Exciting & Excellent


Use our 'Only One' strengths to provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) to a billion people around the world.


  1. 1 Leverage Asia's economic growth to evolve into a truly global company.

  2. 2 Display greater Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) in the men's business segment and invest aggressively to expand our women's segment.

  3. 3 Provide authentic products and services to develop a MANDOM WORLD inspired by the concept of stock-oriented management (the idea of strengthening or "stocking up" various assets including ties with our stakeholders by providing authentic and valuable products and services.)

Middle-Range Planning

Middle-Range Planning

(April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2024)


Changes/challenges to realize

Basic management policies

  1. Developing and introducing category strategy and innovating company-wide marketing to ensure improved brand value in the age of New Normal
    1. Quickly building a company-wide system to accelerate overseas business and women's categories
    2. Improving values of global brands (GATSBY and Bifesta) across Asia
    3. Improving quality and expanding the area of Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) in the age of With/After Corona
  2. Completing recovery of Indonesian business quickly and innovating overseas business model
    1. Building and operating a system promptly to solve problems about Indonesian business
    2. Accelerating growth and improving management efficiency by strengthening cooperation with overseas countries and the marketing function
  3. Changing to a new-value-creating company through digitalization and open innovation
    1. Creating success in DX (Digital Transformation) that leads to the realization of wellness
    2. Creating and spreading grooming culture by making use of external knowledge
  4. Enhancing corporate value and promoting Dedication to Service with sustainable management at the core
    1. Promoting business development to solve social issues (ESG and SDGs)
    2. Evolving 'Only-One' value creation capability and improving corporate branding capability

Basic management targets

Growth Potential

  • Consolidated Net Sales
    in the final year of MP-13

    81.5 Billion yen

    Average annual growth rate

    10.7 %

  • Men's business

    Average annual growth rate

    6% or more

  • Women's business

    Average annual growth rate

    16% or more

  • Overseas

    Average annual growth rate

    17% or more


  • Consolidated Operating Profit Margin

    8.0% or more

  • ROIC (return on invested capital) of


Response to social issues

  • Promoting environmental consideration in products

  • Mandom (Japan)

    Achieving a self-imposed target requesting that
    60% of domestic products are environmentally friendly

  • Mandom (Indonesia)

    Reducing use of plastic packaging by
    (compared with FY2016)
    Reducing plastic waste by
    10% (compared with FY2016)