mandom corp.

Group Company Information

Company Profile



Our VISION2027

A cosmetics company possessing unique strengths in specialized areas
(not an "all-rounder")

  1. 1 Authentic proposals

  2. 2 Global and 'Only One'

  3. 3 Exciting & Excellent


Use our 'Only One' strengths to provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) to a billion people around the world.


  1. 1 Leverage Asia's economic growth to evolve into a truly global company.

  2. 2 Display greater Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) in the men's business segment and invest aggressively to expand our women's segment.

  3. 3 Provide authentic products and services to develop a MANDOM WORLD inspired by the concept of stock-oriented management (the idea of strengthening or "stocking up" various assets including ties with our stakeholders by providing authentic and valuable products and services.)

Middle-Range Planning

12th Three-Year Middle-Range Planning


Corporate Infrastructure Development for Realizing VISION2027

Management Basic Policy

  • Promotion of category strategies and thorough implementation of activity
    • Nurturing of a category that can become a firm mainstay
    • Increase of brand values
  • Improvement of growth in overseas operations focusing on Indonesia
    • Indonesia: Display greater Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) for middle-income class
    • Asian countries other than Indonesia: Advance marketing measures unique to each country by understanding consumer wants and achieving profitability
  • Building a group operation system and improving productivity per unit
    • Increases in the decision making accuracy and speed by securing a group personnel affair system, accounting system, and information system, and building a structure for increasing productivity per unit
    • Construction of a structure that allows prompt strategy formulation and implementation at the operating company

Management Basic Target

Growth Potential

  • Consolidated Net Sales

    in the final year of MP-12:

    90billion yen

  • ManMen's business

    Average annual growth rate

    3% or more

  • WomanWomen's business

    Average annual growth rate

    10% or more

  • OverseasOverseas

    Average annual growth rate

    10% or more


  • Consolidated Operating Profit Margin


Shareholders Returns

  • Consolidated Payout Ratio Consolidated basis,

    excluding extraordinary items

    40% or higher