Research & Development

Research & Development Policy

We at the Mandom Group have adopted the following R&D Policy and will implement it so that we can always pursue the development of original technology from our Only One stance. We will create product value that delivers OYAKUDACHI to the 1 billion global population.


We will focus our entire research on creating new value in health, cleanliness, beauty and fun for our consumers and will pursue R&D activities that result in innovation.


We will always take consumer "wants" as our starting point and think outside the box so that we can be bold and uninhibited by accepted knowledge or preconception to pursue R&D that creates new value.


We will conduct human-oriented R&D that focuses on human sensibilities and the Mandom commitment to OYAKUDACHI so that we can pursue product proposals that fill our consumers' daily lives with discovery and excitement.


We will not only comply with law but will engage in R&D that values our relationship of trust with all stakeholders and fulfills our social responsibility.


We will conduct R&D that aims to achieve both the enhancement of consumer value and the solutions of social issues. We will strive to provide product labeling and information that are appropriate and easy to understand so that we can offer products of reassurance and safety to our consumers.

Areas of Research & Development

The term "cosmetic" is defined as products used on the human body aiming to clean, beautify and increase the attractiveness, alter the appearance or to keep the skin or hair in good condition, while "quasi-drug" is defined as products that carry out a variety of functions such as preventing bad breath or deodorizing the body.(*) In accordance with this purpose, Mandom conducts its research and development focusing on three areas: 1) hair and scalp, 2) skin, and 3) body odor/antiperspirants. Interest regarding the third field (body odor/antiperspirants) has particularly increased in recent years.

These three areas vary greatly from person to person depending on differences in ethnicity, gender, age, lifestyle habits, climate, and natural regional features. With this, there are as many inherent consumer wants as there are different situations each individual is experiencing.

Mandom promotes research and development in a wide range of domains in response to more consumer wants. This includes everything from break-throughs in the structures, functions, and mechanisms of the human body, to the discovery of ingredients to address consumer wants and applying those discoveries to product development.


According to the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Unique Initiatives that MaximizeOur Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi)

Mandom is conducting unique initiatives that maximize our Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi), allowing us to provide new value to consumers in Japan as well as ten countries and regions in Asia. We do this by first quickly grasping changes that occur in each country's market environment, culture, customs, and sense of values, and by assuming all the times and scenarios when consumers feel the value of products. After this has been achieved, we then validate the functionality, safety, and comfort of our products.