Diversity & Inclusion

We are striving to build an organizational system that embodies diversity and inclusion in order to retain human assets with diverse attributes and values and enable them to reach their full potential. We are also developing a corporate culture that respects diversity and heterogeneity, encouraging all employees (not only female employees) to demonstrate their individuality and abilities, as well as hiring foreign nationals.
The five Mandom Principles announced in May 2017 are a code of conduct that is followed by all Mandom employees at all times and include “Active Employee Engagement” and “Human Assets.” Under these two principles, we are committed to taking thoughtful action (KohDoh) each day.

Action plan for promoting women's participation and work-life balance

In April 2016, a Japanese law took effect, which obliges large companies and local and central governments to set numerical targets for hiring and promoting women. Mandom understands that promotion of women is an important theme that draws expectations and demands from a broad range of players in the society. Accordingly, this theme has been reflected in one of the CSR Material Issues for the Mandom Group - "Achieving employee satisfaction (ES) and diversity." In line with the objectives and purposes of the law, Mandom will develop and execute a phased action plan to help realize a society where women are promoted and encouraged to exercise their individuality and unleash their full potential. We will also disclose our actions and keep the information up to date through the official website of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare below.
Mandom's efforts also include establishing an employment environment allowing employees to balance work and child-rearing based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, and establishing diverse working conditions inclusive of employees who are not raising children. For details, see the page on our Decent Work and Work-Life Balance initiatives.

Please check the following sites operated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for information on general employer action plans based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, and general employer action plans based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

Mandom awarded top 3-star ranking as Osaka City's Leading Company in Women's Advancement

On June 1, 2022, Mandom received the highest ranking three-star certification as Osaka City's Leading Company in Women's Advancement. (Three-Star Certification: A category introduced in April 2022 in which initiatives for promoting women's advancement have progressed further.)

The City of Osaka started this certification project with the aim of giving public recognition to companies that promote the advancement of women in their workplace thereby promoting activities to this effect in wider society. Companies have to meet set criteria to receive certification in recognition of their effort in creating an organization where motivated women can continue to participate positively, in providing support to work-life balance, and in promoting the participation of men in homemaking activities. As of September 1, 2022, 724 certificates have been issued: 27 3-star, 506 2-star and 191 1-star awards.

In the certification project for 2022, in addition, we received the Award of Excellence in the large companies category, a commendation by the Mayor of Osaka for our efforts in increasing the proportion of women in managerial posts and developing well-qualified female managers and our efforts in providing support to women balancing childcare and their career and promoting a more flexible way of working.

Based on the idea of "Aiming to realize HAPPY for individuals and companies," we will work to improve the system and foster a workplace culture in order to create a workplace where all employees can play an active role and are more rewarding to work.

Creating an environment enabling participation by diverse human resources, including people with disabilities

We aim to build an organization that encourages diversity and inclusion. As part of this, we are creating workplace environments that allow us to hire more people with disabilities and facilitate their participation. Please see below for the details.

Breast milk pumping room now available for use

We are striving to create a comfortable working environment for our diverse workforce. As part of this effort, we are now improving our working environment to allow female employees to return to work after their childbirth without undue worries.

According to the results of our questionnaire survey of the female employees working at the Osaka head office who are raising or have raised children, only about 20 percent of them have ever pumped milk on the company premises, but 40 percent said that they would use a breast milk pumping room if available. We therefore established a breast milk pumping room in the head office in spring 2023. The breast milk pumping room provides a hygienic and comfortable environment while maintaining privacy. This room can also be used for various other purposes, such as a prayer room for overseas trainees.

Breast milk pumping room
Equipped with a wash basin for hygiene purposes

Regarding our Special Subsidiary, Mandom Will Corp.

In August 2018, we established the Mandom Will Corp. (referred to below as "Mandom Will") with the aim of utilizing diverse human resources and expanding employment, and on December 17, 2018, the company acquired certification as a Special Subsidiary, as set forth in the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities.
At Mandom Will, we have put in place an environment and programs tailored to suit diversity, so that people with disabilities and those returning to employment can work with high motivation over the long term without undue stress. Steps taken in this area include allocating work to match diverse capabilities and characteristics, and enabling the taking of annual paid holiday in hourly units to deal with issues such as going to the hospital. We are also working to develop human resources capable of self-growth through work.
The Mandom Group is promoting diversity and inclusion to ensure acceptance of diversity, enable individuals to perform at their peak ability, and achieve growth of both the company and our employees. Going forward, we will continue efforts to cultivate human resources and develop an environment/programs to realize a company where all employees are valued assets who can derive satisfaction from their work.

Creating an environment enabling participation by diverse human resources, including people with disabilities

Multi-purpose restroom at the Fukusaki Factory
We aim to build an organization that encourages diversity and inclusion. As part of this, we are creating workplace environments that allow us to hire more people with disabilities and facilitate their participation.
At our head office we have set up an accessible restroom on the ground floor, provided handicapped parking spaces, and made the office hallways wide enough for wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, among our many efforts to ensure a "barrier-free" workplace. At the Fukusaki Factory in 2014 we renovated the production building, and set up accessible and multi-purpose restrooms, along with an accessible entrance and other measures.

Educational activities to foster a corporate culture

To promote the creation of an organizational structure aimed at diversity and inclusion, we believe it is necessary for every employee to have a proper understanding of, and deal appropriately with, the various human rights issues arising in the international community such as forced labor, child labor, and LGBT issues.
Going forward, Mandom will continue in-house activities to raise awareness of human rights, in order to cultivate employees suitable for a company engaged in business on a global scale, and build an inclusive society.

Please see below for information on our recent hirings of people with disabilities (and the legally mandated employment rate over time).

Understanding and Paying Respect to the Culture and Customs of People in Different Countries

We carry out business with respect for the history, culture, customs, and ways of thinking of the people in different countries and regions.
Our wholly owned subsidiary, PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk is based in a country where about 90% of the populations is Muslim. To show respect for the religious customs of Muslim workers, we built a place of worship on company grounds and run operations with as much consideration as possible for prayer times throughout the day.
Also, in deference to the victims of the July 10, 2015 fire at the plant in Indonesia, and the families of those who were injured or who lost their lives, we have engaged in follow-up activities in a way that is respectful of local customs, religious beliefs, and culture.

A memorial service marking the 100th day after the fire in PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk. (October 19, 2015)