Areas of Research & Development

Body Odor/Antiperspirant Area

Body odor affects the impression you give to others and plays an important role in smooth communication. Understanding body odor and taking appropriate measures to care for it is directly linked to living a clean and comfortable life.

Body odor is generated from various parts of the human body including the head, armpits, torso, and feet. The type of body odor generated also differs depending on the region, so there are various types of body odors such as "sweaty odor", "aging body odor", and "middle-aged oily odor". Additionally, it is now clear that the intensity of body odor differs depending on gender and age. However, there are still many unknown factors regarding these body odors, including the mechanisms responsible for producing them, etc.

Mandom has advanced its research and development efforts to promote optimal products that deal with various types of body odor. This includes the discovery of new body odors that had not been identified until now, and the development of technology that suppresses substances that cause body odor such as sweat.

Research Example [1] Discovery of New Substance Responsible for Smell

Mandom used original techniques to clarify for the first time in the world the existence of "middle-aged oily odor", an unpleasant oily smell of sweat from middle-aged men in their 30s and 40s, and that "diacetyl" being produced from the head and surrounding areas was the substance causing that odor. Mandom also discovered a method to effectively suppress the outbreak of diacetyl. By ascertaining the existence of a new body odor different from the "sweaty odor" and "aging body odor", Mandom exposed the fact that men's body odors change as they grow older, thus enabling the company to produce products that appropriately and effectively address body odor.

Research Example [2] Research & Development of a New High-Performance Deodorant Ingredient

Mandom developed activated carbon (highly-adsorbent activated carbon) that exhibits high deodorization and adsorptive capabilities against substances that cause the outbreak of body odors such as the "sweaty odor", "aging body odor", and "middle-aged oily odor". The company also succeeded in incorporating whitening properties so that the activated carbon doesn't turn skin black even when applied to skin. This enabled Mandom to apply the technology to leave-on type deodorant products.

Research Example [3] Clarified the Structure & Functional Mechanisms of Sweat Glands

Mandom is performing industry-university joint research on sweat glands that secrete sweat, and is working to develop a high-performance antiperspirant. Mandom also discovered the existence of stem cells in human sweat glands, and successfully regenerated sweat glandular-like structures in vitro. In addition to creating the world's first complicated three-dimensional visualization of the structure of human sweat glands, Mandom also succeeded in establishing a new evaluation method that visualizes and quantifies the contraction of sweat glands that secrete sweat. With utilizing these discoveries and achievements, Mandom is now aiming to develop a deodorant with a completely new function that regulates perspiration by directly affecting sweat glands.