Environmentally Conscious Products and Promotional Materials

Promotional Items

From 2018, we have been operating an optimization system for the inventory of promotional items.
Using our own calculation method, we work out a recommended production output per item, based on past manufacturing data. We categorize items into large lot or small lot order and production, thereby eliminating unnecessary manufacture of promotional items and minimize their inventory.
This is a just-in-time system that manufactures suitable quantities of items at optimal timing. It has enabled reduction of loss through disposal, not only enabling us to reduce waste in materials and energy required for manufacture but also to reduce CO2 emission through efficiency in transport and reduction of power consumption in warehouse maintenance. This is a truly eco-friendly system to help the planet.
We recycle all promotional items that are no longer required.
In producing promotional items in future, we will actively engage in reducing environmental impact by firmly following the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renewable).

●Switch to cardboard

We changed the material used for the promotional display board in stores, switching from difficult-to-recycle chipboard to easily recyclable cardboard.

Promotional display board

●Introduced hair color simulation by AR

Ending the supply of "plastic hair bundle trays" for hair color products and introducing hair color simulation using AR to reduce the amount of plastic used.

●Less material for unit display cases in stores

For placement on store shelves, trays are used to line up the products. We reduced the amount of plastic used in these trays.

●Use of paper tray

We have switched from plastic trays to paper trays for some products, thereby striving to reduce the use of plastic.