Basic policy

Rather than relying on external standards and adopting a passive compliance stance that "as long as we are legally compliant, all is fine," the Mandom Group sets voluntary standards that exceed legal requirements, taking an independent and proactive stance toward protecting consumer safety and benefits.
We established the Mandom Group Code of Conduct (revised 5 times since establishment in 1999) as a common compliance program that should always keep in mind to embody our corporate philosophy.
The Code of Conduct Promotion Committee was established to be in charge of promoting the Code of Conduct throughout the Mandom Group. This committee leads compliance education and awareness activities.
In December 2002, we introduced the Helpline System (which was expanded to cover business partners in 2007) to give employees, or "whistleblowers," a chance to inform us when they notice any laws being broken at work. This allows us to quickly discover non-compliance and subsequently prevent problems before they occur. Under this system, the anonymity of whistleblowers is protected and retaliatory measures against them are strictly forbidden.

The Helpline System

In December 2002, Mandom Corporation introduced the whistleblower system "Helpline System" for early detection, prevention of occurrence and prevention of recurrence of risks relating to violations of laws and social norms. This is a system receiving reports and consultation from employees when they observe in their workplace any acts that break or are at risk of breaking laws or our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct Promotion Committee, which includes external members (corporate legal advisors), serves as the point of contact. The whistleblowers are protected against retaliatory measures or disadvantageous consequences due to their action.
In September 2007, the System was expanded to cover business partners of Mandom Group companies in Japan.
Business partners who become aware of directors or employees of Group companies in Japan engaging in acts that are not compliant or are at risk of non-compliance of Mandom Corporation and Group companies or its directors and employees are requested to report these to the Helpline, using the procedure described below. When the report of such a case is received, the Code of Conduct Promotion Committee will take the lead in investigating the case, identifying the causes, preventing non-compliant acts, prohibiting them, preventing their recurrence and finding resolutions to problems.

Further Information

  1. Business partners who can access the Helpline System are suppliers, customers and other business associates of Mandom Corporation and Group companies operating in Japan.
  2. We request business partners reporting cases by revealing the real name, not by using anonymity to perform the fair investigation.
  3. The case and their details that are reported (including personal information such as the name of the whistleblower) will only be placed in the possession of our investigators (Code of Conduct Promotion Committee) and will not be used for purposes other than the investigation and subsequent actions arising from the respective reports on non-compliance.
  4. The Group will not put the whistleblower to any disadvantage due to the reporting of the case and will not request business partners to which the whistleblower belongs to disadvantage the whistleblower in any way. However, this guarantee will not apply to any unfair reporting that is libellous, slanderous or in any other way contrary to the purpose of the Helpline System (avoidance and minimization of risks about violations of laws and social norms).
  5. We will receive report by phone, fax, email or letter. Please refer to the specimen case report form attached. Insofar as possible, please report your case using this format. When we receive the report, the Helpline will contact you for confirmation of the fact. Please ensure that you clearly state your contact details and methods.

Contact Details (for use only by business partners)

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