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Stock Information

Shareholder Returns

We offer dividends and shareholder benefits as our way of returning profits to shareholders. We believe that offering our products as shareholder benefits helps shareholders gain a better understanding of our company.


We believe that returning profits to shareholders is a management priority. Our basic policy is to offer dividends balanced against corporate needs, to invest reserves for long-term growth and starting new business, and to hold reserves against corporate risk. Our specific dividend target is to deliver a consolidated dividend payout ratio (disregarding exceptional factors) of at least 40%.

Forecast Dividend per Share

FYE March 2019 60 yen (30 yen interim dividend)

Date of Record

Interim: September 30   Year-End: March 31

Dividends/Payout Ratios

Dividend Payout Ratio
FYE March
35(16.5/18.5) 40.0
FYE March
38(18.5/19.5) 40.2
FYE March
40(20/20) 29.3
FYE March
48(21.5/26.5) 40.3
FYE March
59(24.5/34.5) 45.3

* Effective as of October 1, 2017, Mandom Corp. effectuated a 1:2 stock split. All the figures in the table above reflect the influence of the split.

Shareholder Benefits

Mix of Company products worth \5,000 in value, once per year, offered to all shareholders owning 100 shares or more (as of March 31).

Benefit Details

Mix of Company products worth \5,000

Mix of Company products


Shareholders owning 100 shares or more of Company stock as of March 31.


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