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Reformation and Challenge - the powerful drive to move us forward into the future, seeking to provide further Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) to customers and creating new value.

Let me begin my message by expressing my deepest gratitude to all stakeholders who have been steadfast in their support for Mandom Corporation.

The world at the present time faces unprecedented and numerous hardships, namely escalating environmental destruction and climate change, growth model change in economic terms, and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic apart from a multitude of other issues. Global society is stepping into greater uncertainty than ever before. Private enterprise is confronted by the urgent necessity to revise our business model. Consumers now have more time to rethink their lifestyle and their own existence, which has led to a big shift in their perceptions and behavior. Businesses can no longer offer them new value by merely coasting along the lines of old and established values.
So what do businesses have to do now? We must justify our own purpose and role. We must provide contributions to society. Faced with these changes in society, what then does Mandom have to do? We must put our management mission into practice and serve society as a human-oriented company. We must try and deliver more dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) to our customers, today and tomorrow. We must provide original and unique values that match the trends of the new era in a way that only Mandom can.

On a global level, demographic structure has undergone a huge transformation. The millennials now comprise more than 60% of the population. Young consumers have a heightened awareness of social issues and environmental problems. For them, environmental action and engagement with SDGs are important criteria in choosing the companies and brands that they want to support. These are now essential factors that businesses need to embrace in order to survive and grow.
Meanwhile, the world has become increasingly borderless in many ways. Gaps and barriers in time and information are fast disappearing. What is more, corporate activities must understand and respond to diversity. Greater effort is absolutely vital in this direction. I firmly believe that these are areas where Mandom needs to channel our actions very strongly.

This fiscal year is the final year of our 13th Middle-Range Planning (MP-13).
Our resolve is firm in scaling the challenges of the new era that have been thrust in front of us, with the theme of "Change and Challenge".
We are accelerating our efforts to realize VISION2027.
All the more the reason, because we live in these turbulent times, Mandom must return to its very starting point, that is, to dedicate ourselves to health, cleanliness, beauty and fun. We must not cling to old business models. We must seek innovation and new challenges. All Mandom employees will therefore unite as we make a concerted effort to create and deliver new values to customers. Mandom will continue to develop and progress to become a company that can give them small but fulfilling happiness on an everyday basis, and in a wider sense, to make society sustainable and enriched.

I thank you all sincerely for your steady and generous support to our company and hope you will continue to provide your kind understanding and cooperation towards our determined effort.

Ken Nishimura
Representative Director and President Executive Officer