Unique Initiatives that Maximize Our Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi)

Commitment to Functionality & Comfort

Mandom's efforts in product development seek to prioritize safety first, and find an optimal balance between functionality and comfort.

Example 1: TRP Channel Research

In 2007, Mandom was the first company in the cosmetics industry to develop a method for evaluating unpleasant sensory irritation on the skin, such as stinging or burning sensations, using irritant receptors known as "TRP (Transient Receptor Potential) channels." The company is continuing its search for mechanisms that trigger sensory irritation and components that reduce that irritation, and applies that technology to developing women's cosmetics, hair coloring products, and deodorants.

Example 2: Finding a Balance Between Increased Hair Dye Functionality & Reduced Irritation in Hair Dye Products

Mandom was the first company in the world to discover that the mechanism which causes irritation and discomfort when using hair dye products is caused by alkaline components that enhance hair dye functions. The company also applied this research to discover that carbonate ions are effective at reducing sensory irritation. As a result, Mandom was able to develop hair dye products that have both increased hair dye functionality and reduced irritation to the skin.

Example 3: Foam Face Wash

Mandom utilized its expert knowledge to successfully develop an exquisitely resilient foam face wash with fine and consistent bubbles. The foam easily adheres to uneven skin surfaces, and the fine bubbles reach deep into pores to remove dirt. The foam also has rubber-like properties that allow it to clean dirt by simply being moved across the skin's surface, which in turn reduces friction and burden to the skin.