Mandom's strengths "Only One" business concept that opens up the men's cosmetics market

Proposing new selling methods and new products ahead of other companies

Creating new markets and expanding the scope of our business

For a long time, Mandom has developed its business focusing on hair cosmetics, specifically men's cosmetics. In recent years, the men's cosmetics market in Japan has become established as a market that has grown to about 120 billion yen. However, the cosmetics market was still small when the company was first established, and there wasn't a wide variety of products at the time. Therefore, in order to grow its business, it was essential for the company to not only expand its market share, but also to create new markets. Mandom was not constrained by the concept of conventional cosmetics and faced the needs and wants of consumers head-on and launched cosmetic products for men one after another in combination with men's preferences in particular.

Mandom launched several products such as hair styling foam, facial cleansing sheets, and hair color products ahead of other companies, thereby creating markets by challenging new categories and expanding the men's cosmetics market.
As a result, in 1999 the Gatsby brand became the first men's cosmetic brand in the industry to exceed 10 billion yen in sales. This was a pivotal moment since it allowed Mandom to establish itself as an irrefutable men's cosmetics manufacturer.

Mar. 1985 Launched Gatsby styling foam, the first hair styling foam as general cosmetics for men
Sept. 1989 Launched Lúcido, the industry's first fragrance-free men's cosmetics products
Feb. 1996 Launched Gatsby facial cleansing paper, created a new market
Mar. 2001 Launched Gatsby Hair Color series, developing a market for men's hair color products

Mandom's initiatives in research in various fields, and accumulation of know-how.

Gatsby—a strong performing brand in Asia, and Lúcido—a brand for middle-aged men.

Mandom has developed several men's cosmetics brands such as Gatsby and Lúcido. The company offers a wide range of products that meet specific needs and wants of men, and seeks men's preferences in every aspect including scents, refreshing sensations, sense of use, and packaging. Among these, the Gatsby brand has developed products in categories that respond to needs in every grooming and stylish scenario, including hair styling, hair coloring, face care, shaving, body care, and fragrances. Gatsby also holds the largest market share in many of these categories.
Mandom has developed its business for many years focusing on men's cosmetics, and the research it has conducted in various fields, such as men's hair and skin, as well as preferences and characteristics regarding stimulation, have allowed the company to accumulate all that information as expert knowledge.

In recent years, Mandom has been using original techniques to elucidate diacetyl, the cause of "middle-aged body odor." This oily smelling sweat from middle-aged men is neither the smell of sweat nor is it age-related body odor. Mandom recommends odor care proposals which it gives by holding odor care seminars for companies in various industries, and by selling Lúcido products such as scalp shampoos and body washes for middle-aged men.

Attempting to expand our markets even further

The men's cosmetics market has tended to slowdown in Japan, and in the future Mandom will continue its initiatives to expand the market by increasing categories and variations through proposals on cosmetic trends and the realization of new wants. Furthermore, the men's cosmetics market in Asia is still immature, and we can expect the market to grow in the future since men become more aware of beauty with each passing year.

Mandom will continue to face the needs and wants of male consumers in Japan and Asia head-on, and strive to expand the men's cosmetics market by creating new markets.