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Mandom is committed to addressing environmental and social issues. The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspectives will be at the heart of our effort in delivering new Our Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) and in maximizing corporate value as we pursue our core business activities.

The world at present is facing numerous issues: the ever-deteriorating consequences of environmental destruction and climate change, the changes in the economic growth model, and the infectious spread of COVID-19. Global society is facing an increasingly uncertain future and this predicament is forcing businesses to reconsider and innovate their business models. Consumers now have more time to rethink their lifestyle and their own existence, which has led to a big shift in their perceptions and behavior. Businesses can no longer offer them new value by merely coasting along the lines of old and established values. We now all live in this new world of change and uncertainties.

So what are businesses expected to do? They have to prove themselves, by demonstrating what they are and why they exist. The key question they have to answer is how much they can contribute to society. In the face of these social changes, Mandom believes that what we have to do as a business is to fully activate our management philosophy as a human-oriented company. Our mission is to deliver our own original value in this new age not only with the established approaches but by pursuing our mission of bringing the new Dedication to Service to our future consumers.

On a global level, demographic structure has undergone a huge transformation. The millennials now comprise more than 60% of the population. Young consumers have a heightened awareness of social issues and environmental problems. For them, environmental action and engagement with SDGs are important criteria in choosing the companies and brands that they want to support. These are now essential factors that businesses need to embrace in order to survive and grow.

Meanwhile, the world has become increasingly borderless in many ways. Gaps and barriers in time and information are fast disappearing. What is more, corporate activities must understand and respond to diversity. Greater effort is absolutely vital in this direction. We firmly believe that these are areas where Mandom needs to channel our actions very strongly.

As a human-oriented company, Mandom believes in the importance of creating values that only humans can create - in other words the value of the caring heart that can sympathize with others' feelings, the imaginative mind that can delight in others' experience and the resourceful ability to create value that can deliver Dedication to Service to others. In today's social context of uncertainties, Mandom is certain that the new Dedication to Service is to generate Wellness, which not only leads to individuals realizing their innate self but also to attaining the ideal true self - to live exactly as you are and also to become exactly what you want to be. BE ANYTHING, BE EVERYTHING, our new corporate slogan says it all.

To succeed in delivering Dedication to Service to our customers, Mandom will apply a sustainability strategy. We have identified key issues in achieving sustainability using the concept of materiality. The ESG perspectives will be at the heart of our effort in finding solutions to environmental and social issues so that we can succeed in delivering new Dedication to Service and in maximizing corporate value as we pursue our core business activities.

We thank you sincerely for the understanding and assistance you have given us. As we move forward, we would truly appreciate your continuing and generous support towards all our endeavors.

Ken Nishimura
Representative Director and President Executive Officer