Environmental policy・promotion system

Environmental Policies and Promotion System

It is our sincere hope to instill OYAKUDACHI, a contribution towards a comfortable life, for our consumers, our community, and the preservation of the global environment, through the actions of our business. We have always been environmentally conscious in daily operations at Mandom, and it came into fruition in August 1999, in the form of the establishment of the Mandom Environmental Philosophy and Fundamental Environmental Policy. Also, our Fukusaki Factory set its "Environmental Policy". It was certified to ISO 14001 in November 2000.
Subsequently, in June 2020, the Mandom Group revised its environmental policies with the aim of addressing diversifying environmental issues and is continuing to promote environmental activities.

Environmental Promotion System

Regarding environmental conservation as an important issue in Mandom's sustainability management, we have chosen it as one of the themes of materiality to be addressed and have implemented environmental activities based on Mandom's Environmental Policies. Consulting with relevant departments through various organizations, such as the Sustainability Committee, which is chaired by the President Executive Officer, and the ESG Executive Committee, which is under the Sustainability Committee, we are strengthening our efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of society.
The Fukusaki Factory became ISO 14001-certified in November 2000, and in Mandom's offices (head office building, Tokyo Nihonbashi office, Aoyama office, sales sites and so on) we have set up environmental management systems based on the ISO standard. We also promote environmental action based on environmental targets using a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Environmental Education and Public Awareness

At Mandom we disseminate information to employees on the environment that addresses issues and reports on activities through our Mandom Report (Integrated Report) and by in-house newsletter. We also offer e-learning and other educational programs.

Internal Environmental Audits

At Mandom we conduct periodic internal environmental audits at the Fukusaki Factory, head office building and Tokyo Nihonbashi office to confirm that our environmental management system is being applied properly, with the aim of making continuous improvements. If non-compliance occurs, the cause is analyzed and a corrective action plan is devised and implemented to help prevent a recurrence.