Protecting Biodiversity

We seek to accurately understand the effects on biodiversity in our value chain and promote initiatives to avoid and reduce that impact. (The Mandom Group's Environmental Policies "2.Initiatives for biodiversity")

Working Toward the Procurement of Sustainable Raw Materials

Procurement of Sustainable Palm Oil

For the procurement of sustainable palm oil in light of impacts on the environment, we joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in March 2018. And also participated in JaSPON in July 2021. In March 2021, we obtained the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (SCCS) at our head office and Fukusaki plant, and moving forward we will work to promote the active procurement of RSPO-certified palm oil.


The palm-derived raw materials used at the Fukusaki Factory will be RSPO-certified palm oil (100% including book and claim compliance) by 2026, and RSPO-certified palm oil (mass balance method or higher 100%) by 2031.


In FY2022, we procured RSPO-certified palm oil using a mass balance method for some raw materials that were to be used at our Fukusaki Plant, and completed the purchase of certifications using the "Book & Claim Method," an RSPO SCCS model for the total volumes of three raw materials including the most-used one. We plan to gradually increase our purchase of certifications for other materials in the future. For book and claim credits, we also purchased credits that support small-scale palm farmers who obtained RSPO certification.

Procurement of Sustainable Paper Materials

Mandom engages in the procurement of sustainable paper materials. We will contribute to preventing global warming through the effective use of forestry resources that is eco- and community-friendly while preventing illegal deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems.


Switch completely to the use of FSC®-certified paper, used paper, and recycled paper for paper containers and packaging by 2027.


at Mandom Corporation (nonconsolidated), we are 89.0% of the way there as of March 31, 2023. At the Fukusaki Factory, we are gradually introducing the use of FSC®-certified paper and recycled paper for cardboard used to transport Mandom products.

(FSC® N003667)

Examples of product using FSC®-certified paper

Used in mount part
Used in paper packaging materials