Unique Initiatives that Maximize Our Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi)

Commitment to Realistic Verifications

Mandom thoroughly conducts realistic verifications that assume actual real-world scenarios. This is the final step in realizing the company's concept of Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi). Even if we were able to confirm the safety, security, effect and efficacy of a product during its research phase, if that product cannot satisfy consumers when they actually use it, then it means that we failed to provide them with a true sense of Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi). We must always consider external environmental factors such as consumers' characteristics, living environments, temperature, and humidity in order to satisfy them in every perceivable scenario when they use our products, and verifications to achieve this goal is one area that Mandom places utmost importance on.

Example 1: Use of HUT to Perform Comprehensive Verification Research

Mandom conducts HUT (Home Use Tests) by actually having monitors test products for a certain period of time in their homes, etc. for virtually every field and product including hairstyling, skin care, and body care. Researchers at Mandom also test these products in their own homes to verify safety and functionality from a consumer's perspective.

Example 2: Evaluations Using Human Senses

Mandom mainly employs nationally licensed Olfactory Measurement Operators to conduct original smell measurements. These measurements are carried out by having operators utilize their expertise while actually directly smelling odors in areas such as the armpit and head, without the use of machines, and verifying effects, etc.