Human Capital

Human Capital Initiatives

Embarking on HR system reform to provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) for consumers in response to a changing society

Mandom's human resources philosophy


For the 100th anniversary of our founding, we have announced our “VISION2027,” which says we are a cosmetics company possessing unique strengths in specialized areas (not an all-rounder).
The external environment the Company operates in is said to be in an age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), undergoing rapid change along with globalization and digitalization, with the future being uncertain and difficult to predict.
We realized that it was necessary to reform not only our human resources system but also its structure in order to properly adapt to such drastic changes and continue to provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) for consumers as set forth in the Vision.

Overview of the reform of our human resources system (MHRX)

MHRX: The big picture

We have launched an initiative to reform our human resources system (MHRX), starting with jobs and autonomy.
MHRX stands for “Mandom Human Resource Transformation.”
Based on the Group's human resources philosophy of “Happy individuals make a happy company” that aims for growth of employees together with growth of the Company, our purpose is to create an organization and develop human resources capable of change and taking on challenges that create value for the Group.
It is a system based on “human resources development for career autonomy” and “job-based perspectives,” and consists of three initiatives: (1) personnel affair system reform, (2) career development, and (3) talent management.
We aim to assemble a diverse group of talent with unique strengths, who take the initiative regarding their career development.

Toward a new personnel affair system

Our first briefing was held regarding the transition to the new personnel affair system, and we held about 80 small-scale dialogue sessions of between 5 and 10 people as follow-ups between February and March 2022 to further employee understanding.
The second briefing is held in June, and we continue to carefully prepare for the smooth introduction of the program.

Human Resources Development

Mandom Group HR VISION2027

The Company considers all its employees as Human Assets. The aim of VISION2027 is, through daily thoughtful action, to motivate them, and encourage their active engagement.
To realize VISION2027, employees must take responsibility as Human Assets to provide support for the Company and society. The Company, in turn, shall seek to develop their capabilities as Human Assets and provide this diverse talent pool with opportunities for motivation and active engagement. The HR Division shall redesign and develop systems and structures that allow both parties to realize these ideals and provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi).

Cultivating Human Resources

We have a variety of training programs in place, based on employee rank and role in the company, that put a strong emphasis on self-directed learning. We also offer employee training that supports career development and provides lifestyle assistance, and work to foster self-motivated individuals who are able to design their own careers.
Additionally, we now offer basic training and compliance education as required for individuals hired mid-career.

Main Efforts in Personnel Training and Education

Basic Training
Philosophy education As part of our philosophy education, we provide our employees with the necessary education and co-creation workshops to embody our corporate slogan. (BE ANYTHING, BE EVERYTHING.) Target: All employees
New employee training Junior employees with less than 2 years experience on the job are provided with training so that they can learn about the company's principles, acquire the fundamental knowledge required to work at Mandom, gain and verify the skills necessary for working individuals, and develop an appropriate mindset. In this way, we hope to nurture a group of self-reliant employees. Number of new graduates in FY2022: 15
(17 days in April; 4 days in October)

Number of second year employees: 20
(4 days in October)
New manager training This training course is designed for employees who have newly assumed managerial positions. Through changing their mindset from player to manager, they will learn to recognize their role as a manager and acquire the knowledge necessary to complete their responsibilities in their assigned organization (section unit). Eligible: 21 persons
(June to August 2022)

Implementation of e-learning & viewing of video lectures
Next generation global leader training Training will be provided to develop leaders who can devise strategies to achieve the goals of VISION2027, implement integrated management and marketing, predict future market conditions in today's highly uncertain business environment (backcast), independently come up with hypotheses and gauge their feasibility, and formulate policies for the entire group and create strategies to introduce them. The training was not provided in FY2022.
Next generation global manager training Training will be provided to develop leaders who can devise strategies to achieve the goals of VISION2027, implement integrated management and marketing, predict future market conditions in today's highly uncertain business environment (backcast), independently come up with hypotheses and gauge their feasibility, and formulate policies for the entire group and create strategies to introduce them. The training was not provided in FY2022.
Compliance Education
Confidential information management education This training aims to make all employees understand relevant laws and regulations, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as understand and confirm the various personal and confidential information management rules of Mandom. Individual departments hold seminars. Once a year
Approx. 1 hrs.
Target: All employees
Company-wide education on Mandom Code of Conduct We provide all employees with an understanding and confirmation of the Mandom Group's Code of Conduct with the aim of fostering and maintaining a tense organizational culture with a high sense of ethics that does not allow fraud or scandals to occur. Study sessions are held for each department by leveraging opportunities such as sectional meetings. Once a year
Approx. 1 hrs.
Target: All employees
Health and Safety Education/Environmental Protection Education
Group training for the entire Fukusaki Plant Fukusaki Factory collective learning is directed to all employees working at Fukusaki Factory. The Factory stops production on the day of collective learning.
Basic themes of the event are "safety," "quality," and "environment," which are the key elements of factory operation. The employees review the background, facts, information about actual incidents to be shared among them and reconfirm relevant rules and compliance with them. In combination with the companywide education in confidentiality, KohDoh practice, etc., collective learning serves to nurture a culture of good compliance.
Once a year
In FY2022, we created an educational video, which was viewed in a meeting room by employees without access to PCs in their daily roles. Those with access to a PC viewed the video between December 26 and January 20.

Target: All employees at Fukusaki Plant
System for Vitalizing its Divisions
Senior full-time employee system When employees turn 60, if they want to continue working until 65, they can select one of the following working options:
1) Senior full-time employee expert (continue taking part in designing and coordinating projects aimed at achieving their division's goals)
2) Senior full-time employee supporter (conduct clerical and other work related to supporting their division)
Implemented in April 2020
Target: 17
(Eligible participants are full-time employees aged 60 and over and part-time employees aged under 65 wanting working full-time again.)
Next Career Development Support Program We launched a career development support program for full-time employees aged 51 and over and senior full-time employees. This program is designed to propose/offer new/next career opportunities (inside and outside the company) so that they can consider their own careers and make their own choices. FY2022
Eligible participants comprise a total of 244 full-time employees aged 51 and over and senior full-time employees.
Support System for Employees Achieve Career Autonomy
Self-investment Support The company pays part of the cost of participation in a course/seminar for experience, learning, and certification of individual career development. Number of system users in FY2022: 14

(Qualification examples: Career consultant, JDLA "e-qualification")
(Course examples: Courses for acquiring labor and social security qualifications, courses for acquiring career consultant qualifications, courses for acquiring e-qualifications, courses for first-class bookkeeping examinations, graduate schools for business administration, IT passport education, courses for small and medium enterprise consultant examinations)
Side Job System The company allows employees have a side job that will contribute to growth of the company and improvement of personal skill and experience on condition that they are self-employed.
The employees shall meet certain requirements the company imposes, including length of service.
Number of system users in FY2022: 10

Management consultant, university lecturer, etc.
e-learning e-learning enables employees to enhance their expertise and skill in their current positions as well as in jobs that interest them. In FY2021, we started video training & e-learning through our talent management system and Microsoft Stream. In the future, we plan to expand the content as education to be provided on a company-wide scale, and by department.
Language study support system Under this system, applicants can receive financial support to take language proficiency tests (e.g., TOEIC, CASEC) and learn languages. Number of system users in FY2022: 41
Number of language test takers in FY2022: 80
Women's career design forum This forum is a training program implemented in collaboration with member companies of the Young Female Employees' Career Vision Development Team and the Female Manager Development Team of the Diversity West Japan Study Group. The purpose of this forum is to provide opportunities for Mandom's female employees to meet other female employees from different industries, take hints from a diverse range of careers and values, broaden their perspectives, and think about their own careers. Annual internal recruitment started from FY2022
Target: Young and mid-level female employees

Number of participants in FY2023:
Training program for young female employees: 8 (May)
Training program for mid-level female employees: 5 (June)
Forum 8
(cross-industry exchange)
This internally organized cross-industry exchange workshop brings together attendees and secretariats from eight companies with offices in the Tokyo and Kansai regions. Top- and mid-level managers working at the vanguard of business give lectures, present case studies or their own company's research or the research of other companies to expand knowledge and elevate business skills. Once a year
In-house recruitment
Number of participants in FY2022: 6
(Tokyo area:3; Kansai area: 3)
Next-generation digital talent development With the aim of improving company-wide digital literacy, we provide DX-related learning opportunities both in a company-wide format and a selective format.
(Company-wide format)
We provide e-learning as an opportunity to learn about DX.
(Selective format)
We provide learning opportunities through e-learning and conduct training programs featuring outside lecturers with the aim of developing talent who will spearhead business reforms that will help secure competitive advantages.
3-year training program from December 2021 to March 2024

Target: All employees
Note: Some training programs are available for selected participants only.