Stakeholder dialogue

Engaging in Dialogues with a Wide Range of Diverse Stakeholders

Mandom has been conducting dialogues with a wide range of diverse stakeholders since FY2006 in order to take their requests, hear their expectations, and reflect those in our management. We are grateful for having had the opportunity to interact with and cooperate with so many good people over the years.
On each occasion we plan and implement a stakeholder dialogue based on a different theme, and each time we gain valuable input through the discussion that is later applied with thoughtful action and the goal of achieving sustainable development in our society. We will continue holding and improving upon these dialogues with stakeholders on a range of different themes and look forward to your continued cooperation.

Past Stakeholder Dialogues and Third-Party Comments on the KohDoh Report

Below we provide a summary of individuals who have provided opinions at main stakeholder dialogues held to date, and those from whom we have received external third-party opinions regarding the KohDoh Report.Please be aware that some dialogues are not listed, as we have concentrated on the stakeholder dialogues that are listed in the annual KohDoh Report.


Note: We apologize that company names and positions are listed at the time of the dialogue and may not be current.

Co-creation and Dialogue with Each Stakeholder


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