Specified Personal Information Policy

Mandom Corporation ("the Company") will take the following actions in view of our full awareness of the importance of managing and protecting specified personal information (individual number card information).

1. Company name

Mandom Corporation

2. Compliance with relevant legislation, guidelines and regulations

With respect to personal information involving the Individual Number Card of Japan, the Company will comply with all relevant legislation, guidelines set by the Japanese Government and other applicable norms.

3. Establishment of corporate system regarding security management

With respect to security management of specified and other personal information, the Company will adopt "Rules on the Handling of Specified Personal Information" and establish a corporate management system to handle the said personal information.

4. Implementation and continuous improvement of security management

The Company will implement and continuously improve fully appropriate measures in order to comply with company regulations and take proper actions with regard to the acquisition, use, storage, supply, deletion and disposal of specified personal information.

5. Contact

The Company will provide a contact for enquiries about specified personal information in the Human Resources & General Administration Division. We will make appropriate and swift response to any such enquiry.

Effective December 18, 2015
Revised April 1, 2023
Mandom Corporation

Contact for specified personal information enquiries

Human Resources & General Administration Division, Mandom Corporation
5-12, Juniken-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-8530, Japan

9:00 - 17:35 (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays)