Areas of Research & Development

Hair and Scalp Area

Hair and scalp is a field that is greatly influenced by external environments surrounding consumers such as climate and fashion, as well as internal changes in consumers themselves such as increasing age.

In order to continually address new consumer wants and concerns that change on a daily basis, Mandom places itself in the consumer's shoes when conducting research and development to come up with bold and innovative products.

The two main subjects of research are the domains of "hair styling" and "hair care." Hair styling aims to perfect the styling and color of hair to an ideal state, while hair care aims to keep the hair and scalp clean while protecting and repairing it from damage to maintain the hair's original healthy state.

Research Example [1] Hair Styling

Mandom discovered a new fact that sebum components generated from the scalp disrupt hair styles. Mandom also discovered a powder styling ingredient that helps style hair and protects hairstyles from being disrupted by absorbing sebum components. These discoveries allowed Mandom to establish new technology that styles hair by making these components point adhesion to each hair, resulting in a light but natural look that doesn't disrupt easily.

Research Example [2] Hair Coloring Conditioner

Hair color conditioners for dyeing gray hairs generally use basic dyes, and if a lot of amount of were combined together it created the problem of also staining skin such as on the hands and face. In order to solve this problem, Mandom searched for raw materials and found that one of the basic dyes called "Basic Blue 124" contained a property that made it easy for hair to stain but not skin. Applying "Basic Blue 124" to its hair color conditioners enabled Mandom to shorten standing times while maintaining high stainability.

Research Example [3] Hair Care

In the field of hair oil, Mandom developed a formula that allows water to coexist with oil. In general, hair oil mainly consists of only oil, and although this oil has properties that create beautiful shining hair, it couldn't be combined with water. This created the issue of not being able to deal with dry damaged hair. Mandom then adopted a special emulsification technique to develop a formula that kept hair oil as it was but allowed hair to be hydrated. This enabled hair to have that beautiful shine produced by oil, while feeling moisturized by water at the same time.