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You cannot avoid them?!

Worries of Middle-aged Men about
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Odor
And Mandom's Research into the Changes Aging Brings to Men

People today care more
about personal appearance!

Changing conditions
middle-aged men

  • Workstyle changes

  • Women's advancement 
    in the workplace

  • Male participation in childcare

  • Diffusion of information 

  • More people staying single
    throughout lifetime

More middle-aged men attaching
more importance on personal
aspects of life than before.

Balance of Work and Private

Increase in private time and
its importance have increased
contact with family members,
friends with shared interests,
children's/dad/mom friends, etc.

More opportunities for them
to pay more attention
to grooming

At around age 40,
men start noticing
body changes due to aging…

How to cope with such changes?

What worries you?

Men in their 40s worrying about Hair

Hairstyle not staying in place
or decreasing hair volume
than before …

a man who worries about his hair

About 50%
of the middle-aged feel …

They cannot arrange
their hair as they wish.*

* According to Mandom's survey conducted in January 2018 on 4,092 subjects aged 35-49 who use men's styling products in Japan.

What is the cause?

Shortened duration of
hair cycle

Compared with young men, the middle-aged have a less active hair turnover cycle as they get older. Hair falls out before fully grown.

Young Men
Hair Turnover Cycle of Young Men
Middle-aged Men
Hair Turnover Cycle of Middle-aged Men

Hair falls out in the middle of growth cycle,
leaving thin and fragile hair
which is not strong and resilient.

Make your hair
strong and resilient!
Action on hair
for men in their 40s


Increasing hair strength
and resilience with
cell penetrating amino acids

The hair consists of three layers

The hair consists of three layers: cuticle, cortex and medulla from the center to the outside. The intercellular CMC (cell membrane complex) plays an important role in expressing hair strength and resilience. However, hair becomes thin and fragile with aging and loses strength and resilience.
The penetrating amino acids are designed to have a structure similar to that of ceramide (hydrophobic), one of the lipids composing the CMC, and are characterized by two features, that is, quick penetration and accumulation in hair, to make it restore and increase its strength and resilience and allow easy styling of aging hair.


Aging care technology of
Powder Styling
holds up weak hair and gives shape
to produce a light and airy hairstyle.

Powder styling is different from traditional hairstyling, which produces style through binding or adhesion. Powder ingredients produce irregularities on the surface of hair, which result in a hooking-on effect.
Hair strands are not stuck together. Instead, the powder ingredients hold up hair loosely, producing a natural airy style while adding volume. They are not sticky.

  • Styling by binding
    Styling by binding
    Styling by adhesion
    Styling by adhesion
  • Powder styling
    Powder styling

Men in their 40s worrying about Skin

Oh dear!
I look old?
Many skin problems recently

a man who worries about his skin

Aging skin = Aging × Men's habits

What is the cause?

Characteristics of male skin
and accumulated damages to skin

Middle-aged men see their face in the mirror and find that they have many problems.
The causes are not only physiological changes with aging, but also two factors unique to men.
One is the "male skin" characterized by low moisture and continued high sebum production;
The other is "male habits," including shaving and exposure to UV rays without protection, both of which damage skin.

Changes with deteriorating skin function
  • Decreasing resilience
  • Darkening skin color
  • Increasing skin discoloration and darkened pores
  • Thickening stratum corneum
  • Loss of smooth texture of skin
Men's habits
  • Accumulated damages to skin by shaving
  • Long-time exposure to UV rays without protection

Insufficient skin care for years
worsening the skin’s condition

Glittering skin
with unchanging level of
sebum production is
a sign of aging skin.

It is called 
"skin glare".

Originally, glare means "very bright light"' that is unpleasant or makes it difficult to look at things. Skin glare is uncomfortable shine or glitter resulting from aging.
Skin glitter is caused by high sebum production, as well as strong reflection of light due to loss of smooth skin texture and enhanced contrast with reflected light on dark skin.

  • Young Men
    smooth and glare-free skin of young men
  • Middle-aged Men
    skin of middle-aged men that increased glitter
    1. Loss of smooth texture of skin
    2. Increasing light reflection
    3. Increasing glitter

Fight against aging!Action on skin
for men in their 40s

Daily skin care such as
use of skin lotion can
soothe your worry about
aging skin!

Chart showing factors contributing to age-related changes in male skin Chart showing factors contributing to age-related changes in male skin

What is "impression skin"
which changes your appearance?

Brighter skin makes you
look young.

a man with a bright skin and youthful impression

People look at your face (skin) more than you imagine.
Changes with aging are more apparent in the skin than hair, and your appearance will change the impression you make on them.
Mandom refers to this as "impression skin" and is investigating into it.
According to a Mandom's survey, people guess someone's age when they first meet, not by hair volume but by facial skin condition. It is also known that brighter skin makes them look younger. Men in their 40s should be attentive to their facial skin condition as well as their clothes.

Men in their 40s worrying about Odor

you start to notice
change in own odor!

a man who worries about his own odor

What is
"middle-aged oily odor"
which embarrasses
men in their 40s?

"Middle-aged oily odor",
which smells like stale, used oil

Through unique research regarding men's odor, Mandom has discovered a "third odor" distinctive to men in their 30s and 40s. This odor is different from sweaty odor and aging body odor.
This is middle-aged oily odor.
The main culprit of odor is "diacetyl," which is mainly generated from the back and crown of the head. Even in a small amount, it spreads quickly, and 75% of men and 89% of women find it "unpleasant."

  • Mid-30s to mid-50s
    Odor generating point of Mid-30s to mid-50s
  • Peak odor production is in the 40s!
    Indexation of factors constituting body odor: sweat odor, middle-aged sebum odor and aging body odor

Mechanism of odor production

Illustration about Mechanism of odor production

Lactic acid contained in sweat is metabolized and decomposed by staphylococci residing on the scalp to generate diacetyl, the cause of middle-aged oily odor.
It smells like stale, used oil. It is noticeable in a volume equivalent to 1/100 of acetic acid, the main constituent of vinegar, and more noticeable than what cause bad breath and foot odor.
It diffuses in the air more quickly than 2-nonenal, which causes aging body odor. Combined with sebum (medium-chain fatty acids), the unpleasant middle-aged sebum odor results.

Aging scalp sebum contributing to accumulation of
middle-aged oily odor

As men get older, the composition of sebum changes, and scalp sebum becomes more viscous.
The viscous sebum causes sticky scalp and contributes to accumulation of middle-aged oily odor.

  • Young Men
    Photo of scalp fat and component balance of Young Men
  • Middle-aged Men
    Photo of scalp fat and component balance of Middle-aged Men

    It is difficult to wash off middle-aged sebum which is becoming increasingly viscous with aging.

The best defense is attack!Action on odor
for men in their 40s

Be proactive in treating
middle-aged sebum odor
by fighting
against its characteristics!

Wash and care
for the scalp which mainly
produces the odor.

  • Action.1

    Do not generate

    Prevent generating diacetyl by kill off generated bacteria and suppress metabolites (by plant flavonoids)
  • Action.2

    Wash away viscous sebum thoroughly to prevent lingering odor.

    Wash your head well

The treatment of hair, skin and odor by middle-aged men
should be regarded as a part of essential personal grooming.

Mandom will continue to support middle-aged men
as they enjoy life in their 40s.

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