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Mandom Group's CSR KohDoh Practices

Community Involvement and Development
"Environmental and Cultural Activities"

Support for Creative Activities

Mandom supports the creative activities of young people to foster new sensibilities and free expression.


In 2006, we began GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS to encourage the creative efforts of students in creating video commercials. The contest has attracted entries from students throughout Japan and around Asia. For the final judging, the finalists are invited to Tokyo to introduce their own creation and attend the awards ceremony. A grand prize winner and other winners are selected at the awards ceremony where the awards are presented.

* GATSBY Student CM Awards have been renewed as GATSBY Creative Awards.

Mandom judges Gatsby advertising and communication plan student competition at private universities in Kansai region

Mandom considers real-world experience to be of great use to university students for when they graduate and start working in society. Therefore, to give students such an experience, starting in fiscal 2008 Mandom began participating as a judge of an advertising and communications plan competition for students taking an advertising course at Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Kinki University, Doshisha University, and Ritsumeikan University.
Also, Mandom assists with a poster-making class in the Broadcasting Department of Osaka University of Arts by suggesting themes and judging posters.

Presentation and judging

Mandom judges Gatsby advertising and communication plan student competition
Mandom judges Gatsby advertising and communication plan student competition

Support for Environmental Action

The Akan International Crane Center, Kushiro

Japanese cranes

Japanese cranes

The Japanese crane is considered to be the biggest and most beautiful bird in Japan. Mandom had renamed the company "Tancho Corporation" based on a then popular product "Tancho Tique".(Tancho means 'Japanese crane'.) The crane has been a valued motif of ours and since 2006 we have supported this Kushiro City “Tancho” Red-Crowned Crane Protection Association that feeds, protects, and studies this magnificent bird.

Support for Sports

Wheelchair Athlete Jun Hiromichi

Jun Hiromichi is a top-class wheelchair athlete. He won a silver medal at the Sydney Paralympics and a bronze medal at the Athens Paralympics. He is also involved in the organization and operation, and works hard to promote wheelchair racing in Japan.
Mandom began sponsoring Jun Hiromichi as a professional wheelchair runner in 2006 because his robust, positive character resonated with us, along with his forward-looking, active lifestyle.

jun hiromichi