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CSR Information

Mandom Group's CSR KohDoh Practices

Community Involvement and Development

We will ascertain social issues from a global perspective and take useful action to resolve those issues in pursuit of sustainable social development and sustainable business growth.

Regarding community involvement and development

We have selected two specific topics as CSR material issues in this area: detecting and contributing to new social paradigms and co-creating value with society.
Detecting and contributing to new social paradigms involves actively participating in efforts related to the UN Global Compact and other outside initiatives that deserve our respect and support, as well as activities that extend beyond our specific industry and industry frameworks.
Succeeding in the co-creation of value with society involves primarily developing alternative methods to animal experiments and engaging in joint research with the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University. We will carry out activities aimed at achieving sustainable social development while building co-creative relationships with society that are befitting of the Mandom Group.