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The Relation (connection) between CSR Material Issues and Sustainable Development Goals

After announcing support for the 10 principles in 4 areas advocated by the UN Global Compact in September 2015, we selected our first CSR material issues as the Mandom Group in December 2015, and in FY2016 we began setting goals with a long-term perspective, while soliciting the views of people such as experts from outside the company and considering a "KohDoh" Plan for the future. In these and other ways, we have aimed to promote and energize systematic CSR activities.
As we started FY2017, we attempted to formulate still unset goals for the long-term perspective, while developing an overview and taking stock of the activities situation for each theme of our CSR material issues. At the same time we closely examined the relation (connection) between our CSR material issues and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are the core of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted in September 2015.
We believe that considering the relation (connection) between the framework of international society and our daily KohDoh will help each employee regard social/environmental issues from a global-scale perspective, promote understanding of the framework of international society which aims for development of a sustainable society, raise awareness of and promote useful action to resolve issues, and aid in development of personnel who work hard to develop a sustainable society.

Note: "KohDoh" literally means, "thinking and working"


Progress Situation of CSR Material Issues of the Mandom Group and KohDoh Plan for the Future

Here we report on the relation (connection) between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and CSR material issues of the Mandom Group, as well as the progress situation and overall assessment thus far, the KohDoh plan going forward, the situation regarding setting of long-term goals, and other related matters.
Going forward we will continue to deepen understanding of the framework and latest trends of international society as a whole, and expectations and requirements of corporations. At the same time we will continually make improvements while actively engaging in dialogue and exchanging views with all of our diverse, wide-ranging stakeholders, and work to promote CSR activities to attain long-term goals and realize co-creation of value with society.

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