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To become a truly global company, we will ensure commitment to our mission as a "human-oriented" company throughout the Mandom Group worldwide

On December 23, 2017, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of our founding. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

Over the course of 90 years, we have pursued Oyakudachi, a contribution towards a comfortable life, in accordance with the spirit of our founding. Today, however, we are facing an era of upheaval and rapid change, and it is hard to find a pathway into the future based only on past approaches and cumulative experience. In a world that is hard to predict, "creating our own future" is the most reliable method of prediction. Thus, we at the Mandom Group have revisited the origins of our business operations -that is, the spirit inherited from our predecessors- and explored and further advanced our group's reason for existence in society from the perspective of corporate longevity, and rebuilt the framework of our corporate mission by placing the concept of a "human-oriented" company at our core.

The future will be an era supported by science and technology. For that very reason, we would like to create value for consumers by focusing on pleasing people, and demonstrating compassion for the human spirit in a way that is uniquely human. In this way, we will treasure human emotions, passion, and imagination. At our next milestone, our 100th anniversary in 2027, we aim to be the one and only cosmetics company capable of serving a global consumer base of one billion people.

To realize Oyakudachi for a billion consumers worldwide, it is essential to have standards allowing employees all over the world to judge the group as a whole from the same perspective. Thus, we have translated the Mandom Group MISSION and VISION into seven languages, and created a Briefing Book. To practice mission-based management, we have developed a system for spreading mission commitment among all group employees, and carried out "propagative" education and mission workshops throughout Japan, and in our overseas group companies. By sharing dreams with all group employees, we hope to work as a team, and open the door to tomorrow.

Mandom's reason for existence: tackling new technology with "heart" to demonstrate our contribution towards comfortable lives.

Our company exists today because we developed the mission that is our corporate essence, and made clear our raison d'etre within society. However, when we are dazzled by phenomena amidst the rapid changes of our times, we tend to make hasty judgments without examining the essence of things. For example, it is never acceptable to lower prices, raise efficiency, and increase productivity if it only comes at the cost of sacrificing quality and safety.

In addition, we must avoid an outcome where science and technology evolve in their own self-serving way. In dealing with the technology of a new era, we must master the correct knowledge and maintain a firm sense of morals and ethics, and as human beings, we must have the ability to judge what is necessary for the earth. In the end, what is needed is "heart." This is the foundation that determines how people judge things. We at Mandom will cope with the evolution of technology by respecting the sensibility, passion, and imagination that humans possess. That is the most important factor for Mandom, a company that has long provided "human-oriented" products.

A company is a social entity, and cannot exist alone. Since we have grown through coexistence with many stakeholders, it is our duty to fulfill our social functions and contribute towards comfortable lives in accordance with social norms. Also, our business domains in the Mandom Group are health, beauty, and cleanliness. By bringing to light latent needs in the daily lives of consumers, and providing some form of new value, we make consumers feel more positive and provide small moments of inspiration. That is Oyakudachi. We will strive to work hard while keeping in mind the smiling, happy faces of consumers all over the world.

Ensuring thorough mission-based management worldwide, and realizing social responsibility for the consumers of the future

This year it will be 60 years since we seized the chance, and took the first step toward our expansion into Asia, in the Philippines. Our fundamental stance is to be of service, to the best of our abilities, to consumers in every country, and we have conducted business with roots in each local region while understanding and respecting the history, culture, customs, and other features of each country. To evolve into a truly global company going forward, we must work to globalize our human resources and management as an extension of our current focus on globalizing products.

The most important point is thorough implementation of mission-based management. We want to focus on corporate governance, CSR, diversity management, accounting standards, and other global standards, using mission-based management as our foundation. Furthermore, we will need to develop human resources well-versed in global management to support these initiatives, and build a management platform with commonalities in areas such as financial accounting, management accounting, personnel systems, performance evaluation, and language.

For the 100th anniversary of Mandom, we want to unify the global Mandom Group through our mission more than ever before, and build relationships enabling mutual growth through strong mutual support, so that our vision can expand further. We will take to heart our new mission as a "human-oriented" company, create new ways to contribute towards comfortable lives for consumers of the future, establish future-oriented goals indicating how we can be of service at the global level, and fulfill the social responsibility unique to Mandom.

Your continued understanding and support will be greatly appreciated.

Motonobu Nishimura
President Executive Officer & Director
Motonobu Nishimura