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Mandom Group's CSR KohDoh Practices

Environmental Promotion System

Mandom considers environmental conservation to be a key issue in our business activities, and we carry out environmental measures based on the Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy.
The Fukusaki Factory became ISO 14001-certified in November 2000, and in Mandom's offices (head office building, Tokyo Nihonbashi Building, sales sites and so on) we have set up environmental management systems based on the ISO standard. We also promote environmental action based on environmental targets using a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Environmental Promotion System Environmental Promotion System

Environmental Education and Public Awareness

At Mandom we disseminate information to employees on the environment that addresses issues and reports on activities through our Social/Environmental Information Report and by e-mail. We also conduct annual environmental awareness seminars relating to such topics as rules for proper waste classification and disposal for new employees and individuals who have transferred to the head office building.
We have also issued and distributed the Environmental Action Guidebook 2012 Revised Edition as an educational tool to inform all employees concerning what they can do environmentally in their work and daily lives. The guidebook also offers information on the steps the Mandom Group is taking to mitigate global environmental problems.

Environmental Seminar

Environmental Seminar

Environmental Action Guidebook

Environmental Action Guidebook 2012 Revised Edition

Internal Environmental Audits

At Mandom we conduct periodic internal environmental audits at the Fukusaki Factory, head office building and Tokyo Nihonbashi building to confirm that our environmental management system is being applied properly, with the aim of making continuous improvements. If non-compliance occurs, the cause is analyzed and a corrective action plan is devised and implemented to help prevent a recurrence.