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Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy

It is our sincere hope to instill OYAKUDACHI, a contribution towards a comfortable life, for our consumers, our community, and the preservation of the global environment, through the actions of our business. We have always been environmentally conscious in daily operations at Mandom, and it came into fruition in August 1999, in the form of the establishment of the Mandom Environmental Philosophy and Fundamental Environmental Policy. Also, our Fukusaki Factory set its "Environmental Policy" as shown below in October 1999, which was revised on May 1, 2006. It was certified to ISO 14001 in November 2000.
In May 2016, we revised our Environmental Philosophy to strengthen efforts with respect to environmental protection throughout the value chain, corporate response to social demands, and systematic performance improvements. We also set environmental policies and are carrying out environmental activities for three priority areas—products, biodiversity conservation, and the Fukusaki Factory.

Environmental Philosophy

We seek to accurately grasp the effects on the environment in our value chain and work with society to move ahead with systematic environmental conservation.

Environmental Policies

Product Environmental Policy

We consider environmental friendliness to be an important aspect of product value. To help create a more sustainable society and build product value we strive to combine ecological and economic value in our products.

Biodiversity Conservation Policy

We recognize how much we rely on and receive from the abundance of nature and many living things, so we seek to accurately grasp the effects on biodiversity in our value chain and to lessen and prevent such impact.

Fukusaki Factory Environmental Policy

We seek to accurately grasp the effects on the environment of the production of cosmetics and quasi-drug products; to help create a more sustainable society we will carry out environmental activities aimed at improving global environmental conservation and relations with the local community.

  • We seek to accurately grasp the effects of our factory operations on the environment, and set, implement, and regularly review environmental targets within our technical and economic capabilities in the effort to continually improve our environmental conservation.
  • In our factory operations we aim to reduce environmental load and help create a more sustainable society through activities that focus on the following areas:
    • Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions
    • Working to achieve zero landfill disposal ("Zero Waste Emissions")
    • Reducing the volume of industrial waste
    • Conserving local environments by preventing wastewater risks
  • We strive to comply with environmental regulations, uphold agreements with the community and stakeholders, and prevent pollution.
  • We strive to make every one of our employees aware of their role in following this environmental policy in their daily actions.

This environmental policy is open to anyone who needs this information inside and outside our group.