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Mandom Group's CSR KohDoh Practices

Fair Operating Practices

Regarding fair operating practices, with the shared goal of sustainable social development, we will build good relationships with our suppliers and partners and fulfill our social responsibilities through our business activities.

Toward Fair and Transparent Transactions

Mandom established the Antimonopoly Act Compliance Program back in July 2004, to establish fair and transparent business transactions and build stable relationships of trust as a good partner to all with whom we are engaged. Since we revised the program, our legal affairs office has held seminars for the sales division and purchasing department, and the purchasing department also participates in outside seminars related to purchasing and procurement to acquire greater knowledge.
In addition, to instill a better understanding of our principles regarding laws and regulations relating to each division's business or business activities overall in employees, Code of Conduct education is carried out at each of the Japan-based divisions in the Mandom Group once a year, and compliance training once a quarter. We also use educational tools such as a compliance e-newsletter and a group e-mail that collects together information relating to legal affairs, which are distributed once a month.


Procurement Guidelines (Japanese only)

Sales Guidelines (Japanese only)

Since September 2007 the Mandom Group has been expanding the scope of its Helpline System to include business partners. See below for more details.


The Helpline System

Building and implementing a CSR procurement system

We have selected "the building and implementing a CSR procurement system" as a CSR material issue and are engaged in drafting "supplier CSR guidelines" and gaining the cooperation of suppliers to achieve this goal.
As times change in an age of rapid globalization, social and environmental issues are becoming more varied and complex. We currently give consideration and take action based on our Procurement Guidelines, but we need to strengthen their implementation, which includes making ongoing improvements and revisions to prevent new social and environmental issues from arising and thereby avoiding such risks. Another reason for better implementation is to be able to continue responding to expectations and demands from a broad range of stakeholders.
We strive to achieve fairness and transparency in all transactions and will try to gain the cooperation of our partners as we practice due diligence with respect to specific topics in core areas such as human rights, labor practices and the environment, alongside taking other measures to build a sustainable and CSR procurement system.


Procurement Guidelines (Japanese only)

Mandom Group Supplier CSR Guidelines

In an era of rapid globalization and diversifying societal challenges, there is increasing demand on us to uphold our responsibility as a corporate citizen-to make a genuine contribution to the creation and development of a sustainable society.
As our business too becomes more global and diverse, both the complexity and scope of our supply chain increases. The globalization of production sites and material procurement gives rise to problems upstream in our supply chain-particularly in emerging countries-with regards to the environment, human rights, and labor. As well as within our areas of business, it is now more important than ever to promote and improve these areas of concern throughout the value chain.

We at the Mandom Group will continue our efforts to improve CSR performance. In order to encourage sustainable procurement throughout the value chain, we have established a set of Supplier CSR Guidelines which all our suppliers are required to comply with. By ensuring compliance and sharing these guidelines with companies and subcontractors upstream in our supply chain, we hope to start a dialog on how best to carry out socially responsible procurement in order to minimize risks and maximize social and environmental impact.
Moreover, we will work together with our suppliers to gradually but surely bring greater transparency to the supply chain.

Mandom Group Supplier CSR Guidelines (Version 2)

Mandom Group values our suppliers as partners in promoting sustainable development. We extend our support to suppliers that comply with the Guidelines as set forth below.

Corporate Governance Understand and comply with laws and regulations, relevant voluntary standards and international conventions related to business operations.
Develop policies and a code of conduct related to CSR and provide in-house support and training.
Structure an internal control system to conduct compliance management.
Establish a business continuity plan.
Human Rights Respect human rights and avoid complicity in any human rights violations.
Respect diversity and prohibit discrimination.
Respect the lifestyles of indigenous peoples and local communities.
Eliminate all forms of harassment.
Labor Recognize and adopt international rules regarding labor.*

* Including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO's Core Labor Standards, the ten principles of the UN's Global Compact, the UN's Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, and the OECD's Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Provide equal opportunities for upskilling and career development for all employees.
Provide a safe and clean work environment and care for employees' health.
Ensure workers are paid fair wages and ensure proper management of working hours.
Eliminate forced labor, child labor, and inhumane treatment of workers.
Respect local religions, traditions, and customs.
Support the effective recognition of the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
The Environment Structure a system to promote environmental management and set goals for continuous improvement.
Implement measures to save energy, reduce greenhouse gases, prevent pollution and conserve biodiversity.
Ensure proper management of chemicals and waste disposal.
Fair Operating Practices Ensure fair, transparent and free business transactions and respect contractual terms.
Respect property rights and prevent infringement.
Eliminate any involvement with groups that make illegal demands of the company or the general public.
Prevent all forms of corruption, including coercion and bribery.
Establish a customer inquiries function to receive and deal with complaints and feedback from outside the company.
Quality and Safety Structure a management system that ensures quality and safety of goods and services.
Provide appropriate information that ensures quality and safety of goods and services.
Provide products and services that contribute to sustainable development.
Information Security Implement strict information security practices to ensure confidential information (including personal information) is handled safely.
Supply Chain Ensure companies in your supply chain and/or subcontracting companies, related to business with the Mandom Group, comply with the Guidelines.
Ensure companies in your supply chain and/or subcontracting companies, related to business with the Mandom Group, comply with the Guidelines.
Coexistence with Local Communities Build good relationships with local communities through collaboration.
Respond promptly and sincerely to complaints from surrounding areas.
Support communities through business activities.
Revisions to the Guidelines

We will make revisions to the Guidelines to respond to changes both within and outside the Mandom Group as circumstances demand. Revisions will be posted on our website. Please note that further consent and/or confirmation of compliance status will be required.

Confirmation of compliance status

The Suppliers' CSR Self-Assessment Survey has been compiled based on the CSR/Sustainable Procurement Self-Assessment Tool Set published by UN Global Compact Network Japan as the ninth instalment in their series of Building the Sustainable World. See below for more details.


Progress Situation of CSR Material Issues of the Mandom Group and KohDoh Plan for the Future (Theme 10: Building and implementing CSR procurement system)

Global Compact Network Japan

CSR/Sustainable Procurement Self-assessment Tool Set (English version)