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Mandom Group CSR Promotion System

This year, 2015, is a watershed year for international initiatives aimed at sustainable development, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, which were adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit held on September 25, 2015, and are to be applied worldwide.
In April 2015, the Mandom Group established a new CSR Promotion Division to specialize in strengthening the group's CSR promotion system, one of our key action points for 2015.
In September, together as a whole the Mandom Group declared support for the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact by joining the compact. This endeavor offers a new opportunity for each and every one of our employees to strengthen our relationships with a broad range of stakeholders and allows them to share in the values of the international community toward sustainable social development.

Strengthening Mandom's CSR Promotion System

We established a CSR Promotion Committee, headed by the President Executive Officer. We then developed the group's approach to CSR and began working to select CSR material issues by consulting with related departments through related committees and meetings.

CSR Promotion System


Mandom's Corporate Governance System

Our Approach to CSR and CSR Guidelines

In developing our approach to CSR, we referred to the Mandom Group's corporate philosophy and philosophy/policies in special areasthat establish our internal philosophy and values, and linked these to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), International Code of Conduct, and other frameworks for global society. Finally, our approach to CSR was determined along with a course of action regarding each of the seven core subjects of the ISO 26000 standard.

Our Approach to CSR



United Nations Global Compact


Sustainable Development Goals

Organizational Governance
We strive to maintain and further improve upon the fairness and transparency of our management, in full compliance with all laws and regulations, and will put forth every effort to ensure the safety and benefit of our stakeholders.
Human Rights
We support and respect the protection of human rights as declared by the international community and will do our best to continuously monitor actions and educate people at every stage of our business activities to avoid complicity in any human rights violations.
Labor Practices
We consider our employees corporate assets that are vital to our business, and strive continuously to create safe, clean workplaces that give employees the freedom to express themselves.
The Environment
We consider the impact that our business activities have on the environment and strive continuously to reduce that impact at every stage from the development of products and services to procurement, production, transportation, sales, and after-use disposal, recycling, etc.
Fair Operating Practices
With the shared goal of sustainable social development, we will build good relationships with our suppliers and partners and fulfill our social responsibilities through our business activities.
Consumer Issues
We will utilize the feedback received from customers in our business activities to improve the benefits of our products and services from their standpoint and to ensure safety and reliability.
Community Involvement and Development
We will ascertain social issues from a global perspective and take useful action to resolve those issues in pursuit of sustainable social development and sustainable business growth.

CSR Material Issues for the Mandom Group

Based on the above, the 14 items listed below were selected as our CSR material issues.
However, both the content and processes related to the 14 items cannot be considered complete or sufficient. We have consulted with experts in certain areas but have not adequately addressed the expectations and demands from a broad range of our stakeholders; so it is a work still in progress.
We plan to gather the opinions of more stakeholders and experts to find a higher level of CSR material issues, while setting targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) from medium- and long-term perspectives as part of efforts to build a progress management system ("Plan-Do-Check-Act" (PDCA) cycle) and reaching those targets.

Outline of the CSR Material Issues for the Mandom Group (Ver. 2)

Organizational Governance
  • 1Building a risk management system and continuous improvement

    Through a Total Risk Management Committee, provide guidance and supervision regarding continuous improvements in business continuity management and planning (BCM/BCP) and efforts to build the risk management system for the group as a whole

  • 2Promoting corporate philosophy/culture and compliance

    Build the corporate philosophy for the Mandom Group from a global perspective and provide education to promote a complete understanding aimed at thorough implementation

Human Rights
  • 3Continuous investment in education on human rights

    Conduct in-house human rights education aimed at training employees to act in a way befitting a corporation engaged in global business and designed to build an inclusive society
    (Issue No. 10: Building and implementing CSR procurement system)

Labor Practices
  • 4Improving health and safety in the workplace

    [Urgent Issue]
    Elucidate the cause of the fire at the plant in Indonesia, prevent any recurrence, and provide relief to the victims and bereaved families

    mandom "KohDoh Report 2016" P.16-19 KohDoh Feature 01 : The Indonesia Plant Fire and Our Response (620KB)

  • 5Achieving employee satisfaction (ES) and diversity

    Build and continuously improve a labor system with the aim of achieving Decent Work practices and ideal work-life balance, securing diverse human resources, and providing fair and impartial evaluations

The Environment
  • 6Environmental considerations in products and services

    Continuously improve the eco-friendliness of commodities by building a management system for evaluating environmentally friendly processes and their results in products and services

  • 7Promoting measures toward a Carbon-Free Society

    Promoting measures to create a carbon-free society based on the Paris Agreement, and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at all facilities

  • 8Protecting biodiversity

    Grasp the impact on biodiversity of each product throughout its life cycle and carry out measures to protect biodiversity

  • 9Promoting a recycling-oriented society

    Achieve and maintain zero emissions by fully recycling industrial waste

Fair Operating Practices
  • 10Building and implementing CSR procurement system

    Draft Supplier CSR Guidelines and gain the cooperation of suppliers to build and operate a CSR procurement system
    (Based on the specific topics within three core subjects— human rights, labor practices and the environment)

Consumer Issues
  • 11Taking responsibility for quality and the health and safety of consumers

    Effective administration and continuous improvement of a quality management system in every phase of our business activities—planning, design and development, procurement, production, shipping and sales

  • 12Creating new shared values with consumers

    Build a system of communication that enables the use of feedback from a wide range of consumers; build a product planning system that takes into consideration user-friendliness and safety

Community Involvement and Development
  • 13Detecting and contributing to new social paradigms

    Look into actions that can promote thorough in-company understanding of and ability to contribute to international frameworks such as the UN Global Compact's 10 Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • 14Co-creating value with society

    Build co-creative relationships with research organizations, NGOs, NPOs and others to achieve sustainable social development and begin taking measures
    (research into alternative methods to replace animal experiments; joint research with the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University)

Selection of CSR Material Issues and Processes Leading to Resolution

STEP.1: Efforts to increase internal awareness of basic knowledge related to CSR, measures being taken in the global community, etc.
STEP.2: Discussion with related departments through internal committees, meetings, etc.
STEP.3: Opinion exchanges with outside experts and partners (dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders)
STEP.4: Reviews by the CSR Promotion Committee and decision-making by the Board of Directors
STEP.5: Creation of a more detailed action plan (with goals, KPIs, etc.) and building and operating a PDCA system (effective cycle of Steps 3–5)

CSR Material Issues and Engagement with Stakeholders

The diagram below shows the relationship between each of CSR Material Issues for the Mandom Group and to which stage of our business activities each item applies.
Mandom has been conducting dialogues with a wide range of diverse stakeholders since FY2006 in order to take their requests, hear their expectations, and reflect those in our management. We are grateful for having had the opportunity to interact with and cooperate with so many good people over the years.
On each occasion we plan and implement a stakeholder dialogue based on a theme, and each time we gain valuable input through the discussion that is later applied with thoughtful action and the goal of achieving sustainable development in our society. We will continue holding and improving upon these dialogues with stakeholders on a range of different themes and look forward to your continued cooperation.


Past Stakeholder Dialogues and Third-Party Comments on the KohDoh Report

Outline of the Mandom Group's Value Chain and CSR Material Issues (Ver.2)

Outline of the Mandom Group's Value Chain and CSR Material Issues (Ver.2)

Issue No. 4: Regarding Improving health and safety in the workplace

As we have previously informed the public, a fire occurred at our consolidated subsidiary in Indonesia, PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk (MID), on July 10, 2015, causing loss of life and injury.
Mandom Corporation would like to offer prayers and condolences to the bereaved families of the local employees who lost their lives. We hope that the souls of the deceased will rest in peace and that the injured local staff makes swift recovery. We are deeply sorry for the inconveniences and concerns that we have caused many of our stakeholders and neighboring communities.

Four condolence messages were issued in Japanese between July 10 and 21, with a fifth notice issued on October 29

One condolence message was issued in English on July 17. (Condolence Message regarding Fire Accident at Consolidated Subsidiary, PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk)

In order to identify the cause of the accident and hammer out preventive measures, Mandom Corporation visited the site of the accident twice in September and October. In November 2015 after the cordon was lifted by the local police, Mandom set up "Accident Investigation Panel" composed of five external academic and investigation experts.
Through three panel sessions, analysis and simulation of the cause of the accident was performed based on various data supplied by Mandom. The Panel analyzed the cause and compiled the final report that proposes preventive measures against recurrence.

Accident Investigation Report
into the Fire and Explosion at PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk HQ Plant's Aerosol Production Area published by Accident Investigation Panel (Japanese Only) (PDF6.09MB)

Among the CSR material issues for Mandom Group, we place top priority on Issue No. 4-Elucidate the cause of the fire at the plant in Indonesia, prevent any recurrence, and provide relief to the victims and bereaved families. The head office in Japan will keep in contact with associated individuals in Indonesia both internally and externally and continue to work to resolve this issue.

Mandom will use the abovementioned report published by Accident Investigation Panel to implement activities aimed at preventing recurrence of the accident. Our efforts to provide relief to the victims and bereaved families will continue as part of our attempts to overcome the CSR issues.

Establishment of Mandom Group Safety and Reliability Day

In solemn recognition of the seriousness of the accident which occurred on July 10, 2015, we will refer to the measures to prevent recurrence advocated in the aforementioned final report by the Accident Investigation and Response Committee, and make continual efforts to ensure safety and reliability in our business activities so that this sort of accident never recurs in the future.
Based on the idea of putting safety first, we are working to prevent recurrence in all our projects and at all of our manufacturing sites, but in order to take this accident as a major lesson and prevent any fading of its memory, we have established July 10 of every year as the Safety and Reliability Day of the Mandom Group. On this day, we will offer our wishes in memoriam of the victims of the accident, and diligently review safety and reliability throughout our group.
It is not just machinery at manufacturing sites or workplaces handling hazardous materials that may pose a risk to safety and reliability. Safety problems may be present even at non-manufacturing workplaces such as offices or sales facilities. Therefore, on Safety and Reliability Day, all of our employees will observe a moment of silence, and during that week, each workplace will consider and discuss risks to safety and reliability. The content of these activities will be planned by the Total Risk Management Committee, and then applied to organizations relating to each issue or countermeasure.