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Human Resources Development

Mandom Group HR VISION2027

The Company considers all its employees as Human Assets. The aim of VISION2027 is, through daily thoughtful action, to motivate them, and encourage their active engagement.
To realize VISION2027, employees must take responsibility as Human Assets to provide support for the Company and society. The Company, in turn, shall seek to develop their capabilities as Human Assets and provide this diverse talent pool with opportunities for motivation and active engagement. The HR Division shall redesign and develop systems and structures that allow both parties to realize these ideals and provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi).

Cultivating Human Resources

We have a variety of training programs in place, based on employee rank and role in the company, that put a strong emphasis on self-directed learning.
We also offer employee training that supports career development and provides lifestyle assistance, and work to foster self-motivated individuals who are able to design their own careers.
Additionally, we now offer basic training and compliance education as required for individuals hired mid-career.

Main Efforts in Personnel Training and Education

Basic Training
New employee training Junior employees with less than 2 years experience on the job are provided with training so that they can learn about the company's principles, acquire the fundamental knowledge required to work at Mandom, gain and verify the skills necessary for working individuals, and develop an appropriate mindset. In this way, we hope to nurture a group of self-reliant employees. Number of new graduates in FY2019: 23
(6 weeks in April-May; 4 days in October)
Number of second year employees: 21
(3 days in October)
New manager training Training conducted in-house for employees new to managerial positions. New managers learn what mindset they need, the role of managers, and about such topics as coaching, mental health, and company regulations. Once a year 1 day
Number of participants in FY2019: 14 (July)
Education and training for next-generation global leaders Training will be provided to develop leaders who can devise strategies to achieve the goals of VISION2027, implement integrated management and marketing, predict future market conditions in today's highly uncertain business environment (backcast), independently come up with hypotheses and gauge their feasibility, and formulate policies for the entire group and create strategies to introduce them. November 2018 - October 2019
15 nominated employees
Education and training for next-generation global managers Training will be provided to produce leaders who can devise strategies to achieve the goals of VISION2027, implement integrated management and marketing strategies, establish department-based business concepts based on the superior policies, philosophies, and KohDoh practices with the viewpoint of business management, and make correct decisions and conduct plans from a group perspective by fully utilizing their leadership, communication, and driving abilities. The training was not provided in FY2019.

Training schedule: January - October 2021.
20 nominated employees
Compliance Education
Confidential information management education Education is provided to gain and verify understanding of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and Mandom's regulations with regard to the management of personal information and confidential information. Conducted by division with testing. Once a year
Approx. 2 hrs.
Target: All employees
Company-wide education on Mandom Code of Conduct Education for all employees to gain and verify understanding of the Mandom Group's Code of Conduct. Conducted by division with testing.
Education is also promoted using the monthly in-house email newsletter.
Once a year
Approx. 2 hrs.
(one email newsletter/month)
Target: All employees
Health and Safety Education/Environmental Protection Education
Health and Safety / Environmental Protection Education at Fukusaki Factory One full day of production is suspended for employee education throughout the Fukusaki Factory, conducted since FY2011.
Topics covered are: occupational health and safety, the environment, quality, and rules and regulations. Initially conducted once a year for employees involved directly in production, the following year the program was extended to all employees at the factory, and in FY2014 it was extended to once per half (twice a year) to further boost the level of education.
Traffic safety education is also incorporated with the cooperation of the Traffic Department of the Fukusaki Police. Efforts are also made to prevent accidents among employees who drive to and from work, and all employees are educated on the topics of safe operations, quality improvement, and reducing environmental impact.
1 day each, twice a year
Target: All workers at Fukusaki Factory
System for Vitalizing its Divisions
Senior Full-time Employee System When employees turn 60, if they want to continue working until 65, they can select one of the following working options:
1) Senior full-time employee expert (continue taking part in designing and coordinating projects aimed at achieving their division's goals)
2) Senior full-time employee supporter (conduct clerical and other work related to supporting their division)
Implemented in April 2020
Managerial Position Retirement System Retirement ages are set for each managerial position, and in the fiscal year following the year when employees reach the retirement age, they voluntarily resign from managerial positions.
With the aim of helping them begin new careers and early achieve their potential, this system enables younger employees expected to serve primary roles in realizing VISION 2027 to experience working in management. On the other hand, senior employees reaching the managerial retirement age have acquired extensive experience and knowledge that younger employees yet lack. Therefore, under this system we will create new value by maximizing employees' potential in their workplaces, and vitalize their divisions by cultivating the next generation.
Implemented in April 2020
Lifestyle Support
Life plan seminar These seminars allow employees who have reached the age of 50 to think more about the remaining 10 years of their career. They can also learn about the company's various retirement systems and social insurance packages. The seminar was not provided in FY2019 since the Senior Full-time Employee System starts operation in FY2020.
Support System for Employees Achieve Career Autonomy
Self-investment Support System Mandom will cover part of the costs incurred by employees for attending lectures and seminars to acquire the experience, knowledge, and qualifications their career goals require. Implemented in April 2020
Side Job System The side job must be one that can be expected to provide the employee with experience, knowledge, and skills useful in helping Mandom grow, and the employee must be the owner of the side business and also meet a number of conditions, including his/her length of service, specified by Mandom. Implemented in April 2020
e-learning e-learning enables employees to enhance their expertise and skill in their current positions as well as in jobs that interest them. All year round
Target: All employees
Language study support system For applicants, the system subsidizes the costs of taking the TOEIC test, subsidizes language study costs, etc. All year round
Target: All employees
Forum 8
(cross-industry exchange)
This internally organized cross-industry exchange workshop brings together attendees and secretariats from eight companies with offices in the Tokyo and Kansai regions. Top- and mid-level managers working at the vanguard of business give lectures, present case studies or their own company's research or the research of other companies to expand knowledge and elevate business skills. Once a year
In-house recruitment
(Tokyo area: 5 times;
Kansai area: 7 times)
Number of participants in FY2019:
Tokyo area: 3;
Kansai area: 3
Study abroad system Selected employees will be sent to study on company orders to acquire qualifications and gain globally applicable management skills and cutting-edge knowledge as well as gain an understanding of diverse perspectives. Number of participants in FY2019: None