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Approach to Product Safety and Reliability

Mandom's approach to Safety and Reliability

Safety and Reliability

To provide safe cosmetics and assure consumers they are safe to use, Mandom applies safety standards and quality measures that will assure customer satisfaction.

1. The way of thinking about Safety and Reliability in the Cosmetics Development Process

Raw Materials Selection

At Mandom we analyze the safety information and records of usage or evaluation test results of raw materials, and will only use materials for cosmetics that conform to our internal standards in accordance with our safety assessment flow.


In our formula development, particularly with regard to safety risks concerning skin irritation and eye irritation, we use tests such as a human closed patch test, stinging test, and cytotoxicity test, according to the purpose and method of product use.

Product Assessment

In the end, we design products based on use tests that simulate actual conditions of use by consumers. Such tests include possible mistaken uses to check for safety risks. We also solicit requests for functionality from the perspective of the consumer and implement warning labels as measures to ensure safe product use.

2. Assessing Safety

Primary Skin Irritation
Reconstructed Human Epidermis

We expose a sample using a Reconstructed Human Epidermis to confirm primary skin irritation.

Reconstructed Human Epidermis
Human Closed Patch Test

A closed patch of the sample is applied for 24 hours to check for any effects on the human skin.

Human Closed Patch Test
Sensory Skin Irritation
Stinging Test

The sample is applied underneath the eye and we check that it doesn't cause any itchiness, stinging sensation and etc. The eye is checked for any itchiness, stinging sensation, etc.

Stinging Test
Stinging Test
Allergic Skin Reaction
Allergy Test (Human Repeated Insult Patch Test)

The sample is applied to the skin repeatedly, then applied once more after a period of two weeks to check if there is any allergic skin reaction.

Other Skin Problems
Comedogenic Test

The sample is applied to the skin repeatedly, and finally a histological examination is conducted to check that there is no comedones (initial symptoms of pimples) form.

Eye Irritation
SIRC (Rabbit corneal cell line) test/3D Corneal Cell Culture Test

The sample is exposed using SIRC (primarily for assaying cosmetics ingredients) or a Reconstructed Human Cornea (primarily for pharmaceuticals) to check for eye irritation.

Overall Assessment
Use Test

After the safety of the raw material or formulation is properly confirmed, use tests are conducted to make sure there are no problems under actual product use conditions.

3. Development of Preservative-Free Formulation

At Mandom we use alkanediols, which are kind to the skin because of being moisturizing agents, to develop cosmetics that are preservative-free, through our original technology.