1927 12 Established Kintsuru Perfume Corporation
1933 4 Launched Tancho Tique, a hit product which laid the foundation for future success
1949 4 Shinpachiro Nishimura (president) appointed to the chief post of Kinki Cosmetic Industry Association
1958 4 Kintsuru Perfume formed a technical tie-up with a local company in Manila, the Philippines, and began operations. This marked the first step in overseas expansion
1959 4 Company name was changed to Tancho Corporation
1961 5 Mr. Hikoji Nishimura appointed president of Tancho Corporation
1966 11 Chairman Shinpachiro Nishimura passed away on November 3
1969 11 Started a joint venture P.T. Tancho Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia (now consolidated subsidiary PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk)
1970 6 Awarded "Excellence in Export Contributions" by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Japan. The same recognition was received in 1971 and 1972
7 Launched the "Mandom series," announcing 10 products in 9 categories. Featured a Hollywood star (Mr. Charles Bronson) for the first time in a Japanese advertisement
1971 4 Company name was changed to Mandom Corporation
1972 10 Established Japan Dr Renaud Cosmetics Company (now consolidated subsidiary Piacelabo Corporation)
1976 3 Construction of Fukusaki Factory completed. Commenced operations
1978 5 Switched from distributors to direct sales
7 Launched the new Gatsby and Spalding product lines, the first time in Japan's cosmetics industry two major lines were introduced simultaneously
1980 4 Switched from direct sales to distributors
5 Mr. Hikoji Nishimura appointed chairman of Kinki Cosmetic Industry Association
8 Mr. Ikuo Nishimura appointed president
1982 4 Commenced Mandom Corporation's 1st 5-year Middle-Range Planning (MP Project)
9 Commenced sale of Pagliacci lineup through beauty salons throughout Japan
10 Launched Pixy in Indonesia
1983 4 Introduced new CI system. Changed company logo
1984 4 Adopted information card system
  7 Introduced Pucelle My Lip, the company's first product geared to the women's cosmetics market
1985 2 Established Mic Corporation
3 Launched Hi Funk Gatsby series of men's hair foam and other products
1986 1 Established External Corporate Auditors
9 Completed construction of a factory specializing in aerosol products at the Fukusaki Factory
1987 4 Commenced 2nd 3-year Middle-Range Planning
11 Launched women's cosmetic item Pixy Moisture Lipstick in Indonesia
1988 2 Started a joint venture in Singapore (now consolidated subsidiary Mandom Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd)
11 Mandom Corporation shares traded on the over-the-counter market Issued 500,000 shares, increasing capital
1989 3 Received ECO Mark certification to foam products from the Japan Environment Association
9 Introduced Lúcido, a lineup of fragrance-free men's cosmetics products, unprecedented in the industry
12 Started a joint venture in Taiwan (now consolidated subsidiary Mandom Taiwan Corporation)
1990 4 Commenced 3rd 3-year Middle-Range Planning
Started a joint venture in Thailand (now consolidated subsidiary Mandom Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.)
7 Prices revised due to abolishment of sales subsidies
1991 4 Completed construction of Mandom Tokyo Buildin
1992 2 Started a joint venture in the Philippines (now consolidated subsidiary Mandom Philippines Corporation)
9 Established M-ZA Corporation, a company with cosmetics procured through selective distribution
1993 2 Construction completed on the first stage of new Head Office building. Commenced operations in the new building
4 Commenced 4th 3-year Middle-Range Planning
Mr. Hikoji Nishimura decorated with Japan's Fourth Class Order of the Rising Sun
7 Started a joint venture in Hong Kong (now an equity method affiliate Sunwa Marketing Co., Ltd.)
9 Launched Lúcido-L, a lineup of fragrance-free products for women P.T. Tancho Indonesia listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (Currently the Indonesia Stock Exchange)
10 Established Guinot Japan Corporation (consolidated subsidiary), a sales company that distributes French cosmetics for esthetic salons
1994 6 The second phase of the construction of a new Head Office ended, completing the construction of the building
1995 6 Mr. Motonobu Nishimura appointed president of Mandom Corporation
Established External Director
1996 4 Commenced 5th 3-year Middle-Range Planning
Established Beaucos Corporation (consolidated subsidiary), that imports and processes cosmetics for group companies
Launched "Mandom World", the Group's website on the Internet
12 Started a joint venture in China (now consolidated subsidiary Zhongshan City Rida Cosmetics Co.,Ltd)
1997 1 Started a joint venture in Malaysia (now consolidated subsidiary Mandom (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.)
4 Established Konan Service Corporation (now mbs Corporation)
1998 8 Repurchased 1.7 million shares of Mandom common stock
12 Became the first Japanese cosmetics manufacturer to receive certification of its Head Office (except for sales division), research laboratories, plant and Logistics Center to ISO 9001 standards, the international standard governing quality assurance
1999 1 Launched System E/O, a line of skin treatment for women with sensitive skin through mail-order sales
3 Achieved JPY 10 billion sales of Gatsby products, a first in the Japanese cosmetics industry for men's products
4 Commenced 6th 3-year Middle-Range Planning
8 Started a joint venture in Korea (now consolidated subsidiary Mandom Korea Corporation)