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Evolving into a valuable partner in our society

On December 23, 2017, Mandom celebrates the 90th anniversary of its founding. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

Over the past 90 years, we have pursued to provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) to our consumers in accordance with the corporate spirit that is handed down from our predecessors. However, we are seeing the world change day by day and growing uncertain what lies ahead. Technology advances exponentially. Changes on a magnitude we used to experience once in a decade at most are now occurring virtually every year. Forecasting the future will become a daunting task if we restrict ourselves by past experience and approach.

Aspiring to become the company wanted and needed by our society by the centennial of our founding and in the years to follow, we have taken this opportunity to update our MISSION, and establish our VISION which represents a focus on a future-oriented approach and embodies our dreams, unrestricted by past experience.

Our MISSION was reborn with the concept of a "human-oriented" company at its core. We have arrived at this concept by revisiting the basics of business operations, exploring and advancing further Mandom's reason for existence that we inherited from our predecessors.

The forces of digitalization and steadily advancing artificial intelligence are universally recognized today. We have responded by adopting the concept of a "human-oriented" company, which places special importance on things that are uniquely human. This means having the compassion to imagine ways of making people happy and creating value that benefits them.

In VISION2027, we verbally defined the company we aspire to become by the milestone year of 2027, the centennial of our establishment. Dreams stir up human emotions and provide the power to make the impossible possible. We can harness the power of dreams to implement a future-oriented business approach and "backcasting" (as opposed to "forecasting") methods looking backwards from our vision and practice the principle of "Challenge, Change, Innovation" consistently to navigate us to a bright future.

In accordance with the new MISSION and VISION2027, the Mandom Group will continue to provide products and services that place importance on human sensibilities. We will work as a team to become a company wanted and needed by our society in 2027 and beyond.

Global expansion, in step with the people of the world, based on our lived experience in Asia

Mandom achieved broad development of its business in Asia from an early stage, and in this region of truly diverse histories, religions, and cultures, we have learned the importance of developing business based on respect and maximal understanding of those perspectives. In the future, as overseas business becomes increasingly important, our social responsibility will be even greater, and we will have to respond to the needs of even more consumers, across borders and generations. Expected quantities and qualities have changed at a rapid clip and I feel we must create a system capable of responding to that.

Also, we must do more than just provide products and services because the perspective of employment is also an important social responsibility overseas. I believe it is extremely important to provide a setting where people can grow as human beings through their work in the Mandom Group.

Going forward, we want to continue striving, together with consumers all over the world, to be a company which contributes to sustainable development in each region, not simply by selling merchandise, but in various ways through our business activities.

Social responsibility as a corporate citizen, an approach we have valued since our founding

Through our progress over 90 years, we have learned that a business focused only on the economic aspect will not endure, and we have aimed to be a business with a good balance of social concern as a corporate citizen. As a company, we must have the dynamism to survive each era, but we must also value the human perspective of living in society together with consumers. That is, "We must always be honest with society and exercise prudence." In particular, for those like us who provide happiness through products, this is an aspiration that must never change.

Through initiatives such as ESG investment, we are moving into an era where all investors expect and require commitment to the environment, society, and governance, and in corporate management, CSR activities are becoming ever more important. In our CSR Promotion Committee, we have reconfirmed that, through our business activities, we will bear the social costs of solving social and environmental problems, and generate earnings within that context.

Looking ahead, we will continue striving, together with consumers and through our business activities, to achieve corporate growth and realize a society where all people, including our employees, can transcend factors such as nationality and age and continue their activities within the diversity of Asia.

Your continued understanding and support will be greatly appreciated.

Motonobu Nishimura
President Executive Officer & Director