Fair Operating Practices

Regarding fair operating practices, with the shared goal of sustainable social development, we will build good relationships with our suppliers and partners and fulfill our social responsibilities through our business activities.

Toward Fair and Transparent Transactions

Mandom established the Antimonopoly Act Compliance Program back in July 2004, which was revised in 2010, to establish fair and transparent business transactions and build stable relationships of trust as a good partner to all with whom we are engaged.
Our legal affairs office holds seminars for the sales division and purchasing department based on this program. The purchasing department also participates in outside seminars related to purchasing and procurement to acquire greater knowledge.
Once a year, Code of Conduct education is carried out at all Japan-based divisions in the Mandom Group at which time various guidelines on procurement and sales are read together to instill their principles in employees.

Procurement Guidelines (Japanese only)
Sales Guidelines (Japanese only)

Since September 2007 the Mandom Group has been expanding the scope of its Helpline System to include business partners. See below for more details.

The Helpline System

Building and implementing a CSR procurement system

We have selected "the building and implementing a CSR procurement system" as a CSR material issue and are engaged in drafting "supplier CSR guidelines" and gaining the cooperation of suppliers to achieve this goal.
As times change in an age of rapid globalization, social and environmental issues are becoming more varied and complex. We currently give consideration and take action based on our Procurement Guidelines, but we need to strengthen their implementation, which includes making ongoing improvements and revisions to prevent new social and environmental issues from arising and thereby avoiding such risks. Another reason for better implementation is to be able to continue responding to expectations and demands from a broad range of stakeholders.
We strive to achieve fairness and transparency in all transactions and will try to gain the cooperation of our partners as we practice due diligence with respect to specific topics in core areas such as human rights, labor practices and the environment, alongside taking other measures to build a sustainable and CSR procurement system.

Procurement Guidelines (Japanese only)

Working with a Local Medical Corporation in Indonesia

Mandom Indonesia began working with the Hermina Hospital Group recently to release consumer products in Indonesia, namely hand sanitizer in December 2014 and sanitary goods for women in April 2015.
The Hermina Hospital Group is a major Indonesian medical corporation that does business in Java and Sumatra and plans to extend operations to Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sulawesi.
Jointly developed series of products are sold through hospitals run by Hermina and are also starting to be sold through mass merchandisers and other modern marketing channels.
We believe that the public's recognition of and trust in Hermina in Indonesia, combined with Mandom Indonesia's technologies and distribution network, are sure to expand the market for sanitary goods and improve the public health environment in the country.