Human Rights

With regard to human rights, we support and respect the protection of human rights as declared by the international community and will do our best to continuously monitor actions and educate people at every stage of our business activities to avoid complicity in any human rights violations.

Promoting Human Rights Education

At Mandom we are working to promote human rights awareness through ongoing employee education and will integrate the following "Respect for Human Rights and Ban on Discriminatory Practices" section into the Mandom Group Code of Conduct (2014 revised version).


1. Ban on discriminatory practices

We respect the basic human rights of every person, and no matter the situation will not slander a person or discriminate against them based on such unreasonable factors as race, nationality, religion, ideology, beliefs, gender, age, physical disability, etc.

2. Ban on sexual harassment, power harassment, etc.

We do not condone and will not commit any of the following behaviors, and will respond with strict measures if they occur.

  1. Conduct of a sexual nature (sexual harassment: sexual remarks, suggestive attitude, physical contact, etc.)
  2. Harassment at or outside the workplace that involves taking advantage of one's position (power harassment: verbal or psychological abuse, etc.)
  3. Coercion to attend a drinking party, drink alcohol, finish a drink in one, or drink until heavily intoxicated (alcohol harassment)
  4. Privacy violation on social media or other nuisance behavior (social harassment)

3. Ban on child labor and forced labor

We absolutely reject labor performed by underage minors (child labor) and improper labor practices that involve the use of coercion, whether physical or mental (forced labor), in any country and under any circumstances.

Creating an Environment Enabling Participation by Diverse Human Resources

In April 2015 Mandom established a Diversity Promotion Office to help create a corporate culture of respect for diversity and differences, which involves the utilization of not only female employees but also individuals of various dispositions and abilities, employees of foreign nationality, and others.
Human rights and labor practices are closely related issues. We are trying to build an organizational system that embodies diversity and inclusion in order to retain workers of diverse attributes and value systems, and enable them to reach their full potential.
Recent data that includes figures for women in management positions and the employment of people with disabilities and non-Japanese employees can be found below.


Creating an environment enabling participation by diverse human resources, including people with disabilities

Multi-purpose restroom
at the Fukusaki Factory

We aim to build an organization that encourages diversity and inclusion. As part of this, we are creating workplace environments that allow us to hire more people with disabilities and facilitate their participation.
At our head office we have set up an accessible restroom on the ground floor, provided handicapped parking spaces, and made the office hallways wide enough for wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, among our many efforts to ensure a "barrier-free" workplace. At the Fukusaki Factory in 2014 we renovated the production building, and set up accessible and multi-purpose restrooms, along with an accessible entrance and other measures.

Further supplementing our efforts with regard to physical facilities, we have been holding seminars on universal manners with the assistance of the Japan Universal Manners Association (Mirairo Inc.) to teach our employees how to approach people of all kinds and show basic manners toward them. The goal is to build a workplace environment with a positive attitude or sense of heart that promotes working enthusiastically together among all types of people-those with disabilities, seniors, non-Japanese, pregnant women, etc. These seminars complement the physical accessibility measures we have also implemented.

Continuous investment in education on human rights

To promote the creation of an organizational structure aimed at diversity and inclusion, we believe it is necessary for every employee to have a proper understanding of, and deal appropriately with, the various human rights issues arising in the international community such as forced labor, child labor, and LGBT issues.
Going forward, Mandom will continue in-house activities to raise awareness of human rights, in order to cultivate employees suitable for a company engaged in business on a global scale, and build an inclusive society.

Please see below for information on our recent hirings of people with disabilities (and the legally mandated employment rate over time).


Due Diligence

Aiming to establish a new CSR promotion system for the Mandom Group, a CSR Promotion Committee was set up in 2015 to carry out inter-departmental CSR activities.
The committee is working to gain the cooperation of our suppliers and partners to build a CSR procurement system that addresses issues of human rights, labor practices, the environment, and fair operating practices in the supply chain — specific topics that belong to the CSR material issues of building and implementing a CSR procurement system.


Understanding and Paying Respect to the Culture and Customs of People in Different Countries

We carry out business with respect for the history, culture, customs, and ways of thinking of the people in different countries and regions.
Our wholly owned subsidiary, PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk is based in a country where about 90% of the populations is Muslim. To show respect for the religious customs of Muslim workers, we built a place of worship on company grounds and run operations with as much consideration as possible for prayer times throughout the day.
Also, in deference to the victims of the July 10, 2015 fire at the plant in Indonesia, and the families of those who were injured or who lost their lives, we have engaged in follow-up activities in a way that is respectful of local customs, religious beliefs, and culture.

Reference:  PDFmandom "KohDoh Report 2016" P.16-19
KohDoh Feature 01: The Indonesia Plant Fire and Our Response
A memorial service marking the 100th day after the fire in PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk.
(October 19, 2015)