Promotion of Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance and Quality Policy

Quality Assurance Committee

Regarding quality assurance for cosmetics and quasi-drugs, Mandom works to assure fully satisfactory quality as demanded by consumers from purchase to end of use. We take measures to improve the quality of our products and services at every stage — planning, design and development, production and shipping. To ensure the reliability of these activities, in January 1998 Mandom established the Quality Philosophy and Fundamental Quality Policy, and built a quality assurance system that became ISO 9001-certified in December 1998.
Since that time, as the quality philosophy and practices were deemed to have taken root company-wide, we voluntarily surrendered ISO 9001 certification in December 2013. We have since pursued continuous improvement of quality through the Mandom quality management system.


Quality Philosophy and Fundamental Quality Policy (Japanese only)

Quality Assurance Activities and Reconfiguring Our Quality Assurance System

In accordance with Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we comply with the ISO 22716 international standard that pertains to good quality practices (GQP), good vigilance practices (GVP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP) for cosmetics. In addition, we have formulated a fundamental quality policy based on the Mandom quality philosophy that calls for truly satisfying customers by enhancing the quality of the company, products and services through the involvement of all employees. On this basis, we are creating a quality management system that spans all stages — planning, design and development, production and shipping — as we make the ongoing enhancement of customer satisfaction a daily focus.

Measures for prevention of contamination by foreign matter
(air showers)

Visual inspection of products

Sensory test of product contents

Analysis of active ingredients of quasi-drugs

Analysis of active ingredients of quasi-drugs

Functionality inspection of product contents