Top Message

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for your continued support.

In the first half of the fiscal year ending March 2018, we saw our sales and income increase and renewed the record-high net sales, operating income, and ordinary income. With regard to sales, due to the unfavorable weather conditions during summer in Japan, especially long rain in and around the Kanto area, we had difficulty selling the seasonal Gatsby products as well as expected. However, Lucido, the brand for middle-aged men, steadily expanded sales, while the women's brands Bifesta and Barrier Repair also performed well. In Indonesia, our core brand Gatsby Styling Pomade continued to enjoy robust sales, and the women's cosmetic brand Pixy also fared well, thanks to effective sales promotional measures. In the other overseas markets as a whole, Bifesta showed favorable results, despite a decrease in yen-quoted sales figures due to the strong yen.

We registered an increase in income, mainly thanks to increased income in Japan and Indonesia.

In the second half of the fiscal year, we are planning to actively invest in marketing to maintain and strengthen growth in and outside Japan, developing summer products early and making effective responses to changes in the market environment in some areas. We hope thereby to achieve the originally set goals for this period.

On December 23, 2017, we will mark the 90th anniversary of the Company's founding, a major milestone that could not have been possible without your precious support. Looking farther into the future, we announced the VISION2027 on May 11, 2017, describing the ideal state that we would sincerely like to achieve as a company by the milestone year of 2027, the centennial of our establishment. Accordingly, the 12th Three-Year Middle-Range Planning (MP-12), starting from the current term (the fiscal year ending March 2018), is defined as the period for corporate infrastructure development for realizing VISION2027. In line with the basic MP-12 policies of "Promotion of category strategies and thorough implementation of activity", "Improvement of growth in overseas operations focusing on Indonesia", and "Building a group operation system and improving productivity per unit", we have launched a variety of actions so that the Mandom Group will be able to grow dramatically, in concurrence with Asia's growth during the expected demographic bonus period. All in all, we hope to continue strengthening our corporate foundation and stabilizing sales and income, thereby making solid progress.

It is my sincere hope that the Company will be able to continue enjoying your invaluable support and encouragement in the future.

Motonobu Nishimura

President Executive Officer & Director