VISION & Middle-Range Planning


Our VISION2027

A cosmetics company possessing unique strengths in specialized areas
(not an "all-rounder")

  • 1Authentic proposals

  • 2Global and 'Only One'

  • 3Exciting & Excellent


Use our 'Only One' strengths to provide Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi)
to a billion people around the world.


  • 1Leverage Asia's economic growth to evolve into a truly global company.

  • 2Display greater Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) in the men's business segment and invest aggressively to expand our women's segment.

  • 3Provide authentic products and services to develop a MANDOM WORLD inspired by the concept of stock-oriented management
    (the idea of strengthening or "stocking up" various assets including ties with our stakeholders by providing authentic and valuable products and services.)

12th Three-Year Middle-Range Planning


Corporate Infrastructure Development
for Realizing VISION2027

Management Basic Policy

1. Promotion of category strategies and thorough implementation of activity
  • (1) Nurturing of a category that can become a firm mainstay
  • (2) Increase of brand values
2. Improvement of growth in overseas operations focusing on Indonesia
  • (1) Indonesia: Display greater Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) for middle-income class
  • (2) Asian countries other than Indonesia: Advance marketing measures unique to each country by understanding consumer wants and achieving profitability
3. Building a group operation system and improving productivity per unit
  • (1) Increases in the decision making accuracy and speed by securing a group personnel affair system, accounting system, and information system, and building a structure for increasing productivity per unit
  • (2) Construction of a structure that allows prompt strategy formulation and implementation at the operating company

Management Basic Target

Growth Potential
  • Consolidated
    Net Sales
    in the final year of
    billion yen 
    Men's business
    Average annual
    growth rate
    or more 
    Women's business
    Average annual
    growth rate
    or more 
    Average annual
    growth rate
    or more 
  • Consolidated Operating
    Profit Margin
Shareholders Returns
  • Consolidated Payout Ratio Consolidated basis,
    excluding extraordinary items
    40% or higher