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Do cosmetics have a use-by date?

An unsealed, properly stored cosmetic product can be used safely up to three years from manufacture.
Be careful of cosmetics that have been improperly stored or have been unsealed even once.
The usability of an unsealed product depends on factors like storage conditions; check to see if the product has changed; e.g., if a clear product has become clouded, if it has changed color, or if it smells different than usual. If there are no such issues, the product can be used.

Avoid storing products in places exposed to excessive heat, moisture, temperature fluctuations, or direct sunlight, or within reach of small children. Once unsealed, products should be used as quickly as possible; we recommend using products up before the change of seasons.

Be sure to wipe the opening of the container after use to prevent contamination of the cosmetics.

If you inquire with the Customer Relations Division, they will provide information about the manufacturing date. Response to your inquiry will go more smoothly if you confirm the manufacturing symbol printed on the product.

<Examples of manufacturing symbols>
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