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What should I do in case of accidental ingestion?

If you accidentally swallow cosmetics:

All the ingredients used in our cosmetic products are safe, but if you accidentally swallow or get a product in your mouth, we suggest you seek medical attention.

If anything remains in your mouth, spit it out straight away. If you have swallowed something, there is no need to induce vomiting unnaturally. If you have any concerns, even if there are no obvious symptoms, seek medical attention and take the product to explain to the doctor what has been swallowed.

The following situations can be extremely dangerous. You should seek immediate medical attention.

  • If you swallow the product in large quantities
  • If you swallow any hair dyeing or bleaching products, hair perm fluid, nail polish, or nail polish remover
  • If you feel strange or unwell after swallowing a product


If you have accidentally swallowed or ingested a product, or it has come into contact with your eyes, please click here for more information.
Japan Poison Information Center website

Information on accidental ingestion of cosmetic lotion or hair dye, or accidental contact with eyes, is taken from:
Japan Poison Information Center website

Cosmetic lotion

Cosmetic lotion contains an alcoholic component (ethanol) which has sterilizing properties and an astringent action so that your skin feels clean and fresh after use.


Risk of alcohol poisoning in excessive quantities.


If you ingest a large quantity, you may experience symptoms such as flushing of the face, dizziness, or vomiting, similar to being drunk. Accidental contact with your eyes may cause pain or irritation.

Recommended action

If you have accidentally licked the product or swallowed a small mouthful, drink some water and see how you feel. If you vomit or your face is red and you are in any pain, seek medical attention. Seek medical attention if you have swallowed a large amount.
If you get the product in your eye, rinse your eye thoroughly with running water. Seek medical advice if you continue to experience pain or irritation after washing.

Further information

  • Cosmetic lotions generally have an ethanol content of 5–30%.
  • We also make lotions which contain plant extracts and no alcohol. There is no risk of alcohol poisoning with these.
  • Some aftershave and pre-shave lotions have a higher alcohol content than facial cosmetic lotions. Seek medical attention if you ingest a mouthful or more.

Hair dye

Hair dyes can be either permanent or temporary. This section deals with permanent hair dyes which can be highly toxic and where there is a risk of accidental swallowing. Generally, permanent hair dye is a mixture of two parts.


Agent 1: Can be highly toxic.
Agent 2: There is no need to worry if you only ingest a small amount.


Agent 1: Pain and irritation in mouth and throat, vomiting, stomach aches, diarrhea.
Large quantities may cause swelling in the face or throat, breathing difficulties, kidney problems or blood disorders.
If the product gets in your eyes, this may cause conjunctivitis or keratitis (inflammation in cornea).
Agent 2: Large quantities may cause pain in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, and a bloated sensation in your stomach.

Recommended action

Agent 1: If you drink even a small amount, do not induce vomiting. Drink about half a cupful of milk and seek medical attention.
Agent 2: If you swallow two mouthfuls or less (10 ml), drink some milk and see how you feel.

If the product goes in your eye, rinse your eye thoroughly with running water for at least 15 minutes. If you get the Agent 1 in your eye, seek medical attention. If the product comes into contact with your skin, wash thoroughly with soap. If you experience any persistent pain or redness, seek medical attention.

Further information

  • Agent 1 (dye) is an alkaline agent added to an oxidative dye. Agent 2 (developer) is an oxidant.
  • N.B.: Ingredients and contents vary by product. When consulting a doctor, make sure you take something that explains the product or its ingredients (e.g., the box it came in).
    Be aware that a pre-mixed permanent hair dye which combines both an oxidative dye and an oxidizing agent contains more dye in it than a mix-it-yourself dye. Be sure to take appropriate precautions.

Other products

Please see the Japan Poison Information Center website for more information if you are worried about possible poisoning from cosmetic cream, lipstick, perfume, nail polish, shampoo, or hair perm liquid.

the Japan Poison Information Center

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