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About patch tests

Patch tests keep you safe when using hair dyeing products or bleaches containing persulfates

Hair dyeing products and bleach containing persulfates can, on rare occasions, cause severe allergic reactions such as skin problems. Be sure to follow the instructions before using hair dye or bleach, and always perform a patch test (for allergies) 48 hours in advance every time you dye your hair.

Cease use of the product if you get a skin reaction as a result of the patch test. Please be aware that if you have ever developed a rash from hair dye or bleach containing persulfates, you should never use it again because you will develop rashes in the future as well.

We at Mandom include text on product packages and advertisements encouraging customers to perform patch tests.

Patch tests are an important part of using hair dyeing products and bleaches safely—always test before you dye your hair.