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Disinfect and
sanitize regularly.

Protect the ones
you love.

Keep customers
and employees safe.

Mandom Group has been dedicating itself to serving our customers with OYAKUDACHI,
by proposing Hair-styling and grooming products.
In the advent of the COVID-19 global pandemic,
we were giving all our customers greater peace of mind in their daily life
through the launch of sanitizing products using Mandom's original technology,
and engaging in keeping our customers, partners and employees safe,

We will continue proposing new products that are effective as well as safe and reassuring
to allow everyone to live happily in the new way of everyday life ahead.

Even in the New Normal that we are experiencing
Mandom will keep communicating information to customers
so that they can enjoy a positive lifestyle through Hair-styling and grooming.

OYAKUDACHI for Customers

Starting up
new sanitizing product brand MA-T Pure

Mandom will serve our customers with OYAKUDACHI by the launch of a new sanitizing brand,
delivering products that use the innovative sanitizing system MA-T.

MA-T is an aqueous solution with chlorite ion that has the mechanism of acting on bacteria and viruses by producing water-based radicals in required quantities only when bacteria and viruses are present. It is an innovative sanitizing agent that combines safety and guaranteed bactericidal effect.
It is a promising product that can improve our customers’ daily sanitizing routine.

※MA-T system is a registered trademark of ACENET Inc.



Bactericidal effectiveness and safety combined

Quality assured through rigorous third-party certification system

Highly Reliable

  • MA-T

  • Sanitizes effectively

  • Safe because mechanism activates only when needed

  • Long shelf life

  • Deodorizing / odor-free

  • Ordinary alcohol sanitizer

  • Sanitizes effectively

  • Convenient

  • Not long-lasting

  • Ordinary chlorine-based sanitizer

  • Powerful sanitizing effect

  • High concentration irritates skin/body

  • Short use-by date

Customers face many concerns about sanitizing.
Mandom will continue to propose products through new brands
so that customers can sanitize with a peace of mind.

Original-Technology Sanitizing Series

Special rapid development of products that can be used not just for sanitizing everyday articles but also for hand disinfection as an alternative to ethanol disinfectant
Using pre-owned original technology, Mandom succeeded in the speedy launch of a new sanitizing product series

  • Mandom Alcohol Sanitizer Sheet

    Mandom Alcohol Sanitizer Sheet

  • Mandom Alcohol Gel Mandom Alcohol Spray

    Mandom Alcohol Gel
    Mandom Alcohol Spray

    ※These are not quasi-medical products; however, they can be used to disinfect hands and fingers as an alternative to ethanol disinfectant.

  • Hand Sanitize(PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk)

    Hand Sanitizer
    (PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk)

    ※Only available in Indonesia
    ※OYAKUDACHI outside Japan

In the New Normal
Mandom information communication
on Hair-styling and grooming

In the New Normal, Mandom wants to add some fun to everyday life
by communicating information that supports customers to connect and communicate,
by adding more fun to lifestyle through enjoyment of Hair-styling and grooming.

New Normal New Styling – Mandom’s new project starts! Supporting communication in the New Normal

Smoother communication using hair styling that boosts your image more than ever before

Keeping our Customers,
Partners and Employees Safe

Our new system

Proactive use of home working and flexible working

Abolition of Core Time in the flex-time system

Change in payment method of commuting expenses
(change from season ticket purchase payment to actual-cost payment)

Payment of home-working allowance

No longer bound strictly by where or when workers work,
Mandom is creating an environment where employees can work happily with their safety as top priority.

Office environment

  • Restriction and control of staff coming into the office to avoid close contact
  • Temperature check and disinfection when reporting into office
  • Use of masks when commuting and when at the office
  • 2-meter distancing between individual workstations; hygiene guideline adopted including frequent hand sanitizing
  • Installation of acrylic dividers in meeting rooms/spaces
  • Installation of social-distancing markers in staff cafeteria
  • Strict observation of disinfection rules after cafeteria use
Acrylic panel installed in meeting room

Acrylic panel installed in meeting room

Sanitizers placed at staff entrances and on each floor

Sanitizers placed at staff entrances and on each floor

Factory environment

  • Strict monitoring of temperature check before reporting to work
  • Alcohol hand disinfection at staff entrances
  • Staff cafeteria seating staggering and capacity reduction; spacing out of break times
  • Check on health condition during morning staff assembly
  • Alcohol disinfection by all employees during the daily 10-minute morning cleaning session of their desks, shared areas, production floor, etc.
  • Staggered office work-time, spacing out of desk workstations, avoidance of closed/crowded/close contact through home working
  • Strict management of absence and health control when employees have to stay away from work due to illness
Thermography before entering production plant

Thermography before entering production plant

Spacing/restriction of cafeteria seating to avoid close contact

Spacing/restriction of cafeteria seating to avoid close contact

OYAKUDACHI for society

In the advent of the COVID-19 global pandemic,
Mandom work on social contributions for overcome this difficulties.​

  • エムエーティ ピュア(MA-T Pure)

    MA-T Pure Sterilization / odor eliminator spray<large size>

    We provided a total of 6,336 bottles to 45 medical institutions of covid 19 patient acceptance in Osaka.

  • マンダム 除菌ウェットシート

    Mandom Alcohol Sanitizer Sheet

    We provided a total of 8,100 pieces to 75 Japanese Red Cross Hospitals nationwide.

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