Area-based Social Initiatives

Supporting the Cosme Bank Project

The Cosme Bank Project is run by the General Incorporated Association Bank for Smiles. We have supported the project since its pilot stage and have donated approximately 15,000 pieces of cosmetics.
This project is designed to connect companies with a sleeping stock of cosmetics that have no future destinations and mothers in single-parent families suffering economic hardships. We hope that it will bring smiles to as many faces as possible with the power of cosmetics. The aim of this project is to help such mothers become what they want to be, which is in line with our corporate slogan "BE ANYTHING, BE EVERYTHING." We will continue to support this project.

Examples of retained items donated in the past

Barrier Repair Facial Mask Enrich
Barrier Repair Beauty Serum Mask Brightening
Barrier Repair Nano Shot Gel

Area-based Social Initiatives

Head Office Initiatives

Concerts at Head Office

Starting in 2008, two concerts a year have been held in the first floor lobby of the head office building to which residents from the nearby area and others are invited. The music has ranged from classical to popular, with the audiences enjoying live performances by professional musicians.

Local residents and employees at a concert

Blood Drive at the Head Office

Most people requiring blood transfusions are elderly and with a declining birthrate in Japan, combined with an aging population, there is a danger of a blood shortage in the future.
Since 1993 at the Mandom head office we have been cooperating with Japanese Red Cross Society industry association blood drives, holding our drive in the heat of the summer when blood donations among companies are low. Every year many employees and area residents give blood.

Employee giving blood
Mobile blood donation unit

Fukusaki Factory Initiatives

Job Experience for Junior High School Students

Hyogo Prefecture has been running a "trial week" program for 8th-grade students in the prefecture to learn more about their local area by choosing a workplace experience for one week. Mandom's Fukusaki Factory has accepted students since first year of the program in 1998. High school students also have the chance to experience working at the factory.
The students are given hands-on tasks in different processes that go into manufacturing a product or in environmental improvement efforts. Commenting on the experience, students have said things like, "Work on the production line was fun" and "I learned how difficult work can be." Those in charge of looking after the students have said things like, "They became more dependable little by little" and "They talked with such enthusiasm that I also became enthusiastic."

Junior high school students working at the Fukusaki Factory

Fukusaki Industrial Park Joint Clean-up

Every year we participate in the clean-up events run by the Fukusaki Industrial Park.