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Laboratory of Skin Science (Mandom) at Kitasato University School of Pharmacy

Laboratory of Skin Science (Mandom) opens at Kitasato University School of Pharmacy

Kitasato University and Mandom Corporation formed a contract on December 25, 2020 regarding the opening of the “ Laboratory of Skin Science (Mandom) ”, the first endowed course* as a cosmetic field in the Kitasato University School of Pharmacy. From April 2021, both Kitasato University and Mandom will jointly engage in pharmaceutical research and applied research on technology that effectively delivers drugs inside the skin in an aim to strengthen the program's open innovation function as a research hub in the Tokyo metropolitan area and apply it to highly functional skin care products.

* Endowed courses are those that are established and run with donations from individuals, corporations or other organizations. With a focus on advancement and enhancement of research and education, this particular endowed course brings together university faculty members and researchers from the donating company Mandom for joint research projects that address social challenges.

■Background Information on this Program's Establishment

Prior to the establishment of the Program, Mandom and Osaka University established a joint research program at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University in an aim to apply regenerative medicine technologies to cosmetics. The joint research with Osaka University yielded new findings about human sweat glands and sebaceous glands and discovery of highly unique functional ingredients, which eventually led to the sales launch of our new skin care brand ∴M4. To further advance research and development related to skin care based on the results of previous research, we have established the Program at Kitasato University School of Pharmacy.
In addition, the Program functions as a hub of open innovation, which is designed to promote industry-academia-government collaboration involving diverse local universities, government agencies and companies and collaboration with the marketing and sales departments.

■Research Content in this Program

The research in this Program aims to explore ingredients with skin care functions, including anti-aging, and develop new formulation technology that can effectively delivers such ingredients inside the skin.
Furthermore, Mandom applies the perspective of affective science to engage in research and development for new highly functional skin care products that can help everyone live their own life positively and in creation of value that can lead to wellness.

Illustration for main research activities

Examples of Research Activities

Search for novel bioactive substance

In the era of a 100-year life, we are exploring new skin care ingredients with a focus on regenerative and preventive medicine so that people can live with vibrant and healthy skin as they age.

Transdermal permeation control technology

We are striving to develop permeation control technology to effectively and safely deliver various active ingredients inside the skin. In particular, we are focusing on the development of “bicelles,” nanocarriers composed of phospholipid bilayer membranes, which have a high affinity for skin.

Research on eliciting positive emotions

It is a unique and attractive feature of cosmetics that make people feel positive when using them. We are conducting research on how to realize wellness through makeup behavior, taking both physiological and psychological approaches.

The Kitasato University School of Pharmacy

Formulation research and cell experiment area

Professor Mitsuo Tanabe, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Kitasato University
The Laboratory of Skin Science (Mandom), which was launched in April 2021 as an endowed course at Kitasato University School of Pharmacy, was relaunched as a joint research program in April 2022. Through this joint research program, Mandom is strengthening its technical collaboration with our School of Pharmacy, whose forte lies in drug delivery technology, which forms the basis of highly functional skin care technology, thereby exploring more functional skin care solutions and developing excellent technical experts. I hope that this program will advance research and knowledge in the fields of skin care and dermatology as well as transdermal drug delivery, thereby leading to the development of highly unique, highly functional, and highly satisfying skin care products.